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Friday, January 26, 2018

This, that and a bottle of Insulin

I haven't had anything to say because I've been completely lazy.  I've been cuddled up on the bed with the dogs and a couple of books on CD.  It was so pleasant and me being the one that was just complaining of boredom.  Shame.  Shame.

My sleep has changed again and I'm waking up at 3-4:00 a.m.  I like that better than going to bed at the same time in the a.m.  However, one thing is not working - my morning coffee.  For some reason, it doesn't taste the same and I am just not enjoying it like I usually do.  Anybody have any idea?  Same coffee, same coffeemaker.  I wonder if Folgers might have fiddled with the recipe.

Oh, a new one for me.  I dropped a brand new just opened bottle of insulin yesterday and chipped a hole in it.  I quickly called Costco to see if there was any way to save the insulin.  They told me to call the manufacturer and they would give me credit.  I called Novo Nordisk and they said no they could not do anything about it.  I called the pharmacy back and the pharmacist got on the line and said I know they will give you credit, you got someone on the phone who doesn't know their policy.  So I called Novo Nordisk back, got a different person and they too said no but I could go to Walmart and get it over the counter for $25.  Apparently the cheap insulin my doctor just changed me to is even cheaper than I thought.  I pulled out my statement to see what I paid in December for this medicine.  Aargh.  I paid $168.54 out of pocket in the Gap period and Medicare paid $210.44 for a drug I could have gotten for $75.00.  What is wrong with this system? 

I am going to research my other insulin and see if I can figure something out.  I talked to the pharmacy girl about it but she was not really knowledgeable and the line was too long to tie up the pharmacist with questions.  I'll get a little more information and then be able to discuss it intelligently with the pharmacist next time.   

Another lesson for those who take expensive drugs:  Research and shop around.  You might find a savings or you might not but you'll feel better that at least you tried. 


  1. When I gave up caffeinated coffee, my sleep became much better. However, I still drink a good strong decaffeinated. Limiting all caffeine helped my sleep patterns. Taking prescription drugs is a never-ending learning experience. You've got to be persistent and knowledgeable!

  2. How true, Barbara. It never hurts to ask and doesn’t cost anything! Good luck!

  3. Question, question, question is my motto. It has garnered me the reputation of being a difficult patient but hey, we only get one chance to get things right. Keep up the good fight.

  4. Do they sell insulin through Good Rx? I got great coupons there when Rick was without insurance. www.goodrx.com. Just thought I'd throw it out there. I hope it can help. No hard I guess if it doesn't.

  5. BTW, my coffee hasn't been doing for me either. Weird huh? Same coffee, same coffee maker, same ole stevia and black. I used to have 4 cups a day, now I barely want to drink it. Could I have od'd on coffee? Say it ain't so. How 'bout that feeling for anything chocolate or sweet? That is what I need to no longer care for!!

  6. Wow, big difference in price! So glad you found that out. Seems like that broken bottle might actually have saved you a lot of money!

    As far as the coffee, I dunno. Did you take anything new, supplement or prescription-wise? Getting a cold? Taking zinc? Some things could alter your taste buds. Or maybe, like you said, Folgers is tweaking things (I hope not!).