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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Buddy is in trouble

Well, I started a new little job as an admin in a psychology office so I've been getting used to the old work schedule again.  I had enough energy this weekend to go to the library and run my other chores so I guess I'm back in the groove.

I'm in a tizzy over a situation that has been developing over a month or two.  One day when I was walking Buddy and my daughter's dog Chu, the dogs' leashes got tangled up around my legs and I wasn't able to pull Buddy off the sidewalk so the man behind us could get by.  He walked around us but he claimed Buddy bit him.  Buddy has never bitten anyone before, but he could scare off a lion with the amount of barking he does sometimes - Chihuahuas are famous for that and it is embarrassing and a pain. 

The man did not say anything to me at the time but he complained to the office and then stopped my daughter one night when she was walking the dogs.  The office manager and assistant came to see me about the incident.  She didn't realize it was me, and Buddy has even been in her office at the leasing office.  Anyway, she wrote up a report that Buddy was not vicious, etc. 

My daughter had given the man her cell phone number.  He contacted us to get Buddy's vaccination information which we provided and they also have a copy on record at the office.  My apartment has a lot of Indians and apparently, they are not dog owners or lovers as I have never seen any of them with the rest of us walking our dogs. 

To continue, he went to the doctor because he did not know what to do about a dog bite.  Today we got a text and he is saying he is $3,500 out of pocket for the dog bite?  I didn't see the bite.  My daughter said it looked like a scratch and I have a call in to the apartment manager to see what it looked like to her. 

How could anyone incur $3,500 in expenses for a dog bite?  I think someone took him to the cleaners or he is trying to take me to the cleaners.  Doctors are expensive but if he paid cash for a doctor visit, how much could it have been?

He also said he contacted the dog control people which takes this into a serious area.  I understand that he may be unfamiliar with dogs and I certainly take responsibility for my dog but I'm bamboozled.  I am very sorry this happened to him and I would gladly pay his medical bills but $3,500??

Well, I'll see what the apartment manager says.  He apparently intends to make this into something big so Buddy and I will just have to see where it takes us. 


  1. Oh Barbara. I hope this works out OK for you and Buddy. That is a ridiculous fee for a dog bite.

  2. Be sure you see those doctor bills and check out the doctor. $3500 is really high. Keep us informed.

  3. Wow. This sounds very suspicious to me. Absolutely do not give him any money at all without seeing the doctor bills and reports from the doctor.

  4. Barbara, this smells like a scam. Be careful.

  5. Barbara, I just came across your blog today and had to go back to this one to find out what happened. I agree that you need to double check this person's dog bite bill before paying anything. But I will tell you that my husband was scratched by a raccoon in our yard and had to get the series of rabies shots just as a precaution. Luckily medicare paid the bill, but we were told that they did amount to somewhere betweeen $2-3,000.00. But since your dog had his vaccinations, the rabies series should not have been required...?

  6. I am so sorry. It sounds like he is trying to scam you.