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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Catching Up

Well I've started this catch up posts several times but never seem to get to the end.  

First, no new news about the dog bite man. 

Second, the daughter's new job, started about the same time as I did with this job, is going well.  After 14 years with one company she had a good bit of burn out but is recovering day by day.  Nice to see her smiling again and not feeling the weight of the company on her shoulders. 

Next, my job is going well.  It is hard to admit that you are no longer the wonder-kid you used to be.  I make little mistakes that I would have caught so quickly 10 years ago.  My hearing, though so much better, is difficult using a headphone and cell phone all day.  Never thought I'd say I long for a land-line (add the extra loud button too please).  

I need the cataract surgery and it is going to have to be this summer because I can really tell the difference on a laptop.  I'm adding a monitor that hooks up to the laptop so I can get the type really large until then.  

So, all in all, still happy with my job. 

My former work clothes are just fine for my new little job so I haven't really had to spend any money which is nice.  

I have found that window in time when I leave my leave my house and get to the office that has the least amount of traffic.  Yipee!  I put on my book on Cd and take a leisurely drive to the office each day. She doesn't want me to sign in early so I err on the side of 5 minutes late instead of 5 minutes early.  

Car is still running well although my horn went out???  Why would it do such a thing.  Going to try taking it to the shop this weekend.  Hope it is a quick - and inexpensive - fix.  

My nerves are calmer over the price of my medicine since I have the extra income and especially because I found the one prescription at an over the counter price of 1/4 what I was paying.  

My doctor has readjusted my medicine again and although my blood sugar was running low for the first couple of weeks, it seems to have balanced out again. The good thing about a job is that it does keep you from snacking during the day (Mostly) and it does keep your hours pretty regular which diabetes really likes.  

The grand girls spent the weekend before and after spring break with me.  Soooo exhausing.  I miss the days when it was just one or the other grand girl.  Since Son is a single Dad, I have to take both girls to give him a break.  We try to help where we can don't we?  

This all sounds so boring.  It's funny how life can be boring and pleasant at the same time.  


  1. Not boring at all. L8fe, even when it is routine, is exciting.

  2. No, not boring at all. Sounds like everything is going well and that's great!

  3. Barbara, I think "boring" can be a good thing. At least to me it is.
    I am so glad you like your job.
    You know my issue with hearing and I wear a headset. I have volume on my head set though and it helps a great deal! Do you have a volume that you may not be aware of? I hope so for you.

    You should work from home. Snacking is too easy when you work from your own home. Right now I am on my 3rd cup of coffee to keep the snacking and hunger at bay. I wish I had my 24 yr old body and not this one of 62. It was so easy to eat and still maintain your weight. :-) Now I breath in food smells and I gain a couple of pounds.

  4. You have a busy life. I don’t know how you have the energy to work. I couldn’t do it. We help wih the grandkids too and love to do it but it is tiring!

  5. Nothing boring about things going well in life. Stay well.

  6. From here it sounds like the job is energizing, focusing and constructive. Hope it continues to bring you positive things.

  7. Is it wrong that I am hoping the dog bite man falls off the face of the earth? I'm glad both you and your daughter are enjoying your jobs.

  8. Hi =, I just found your blog and I am so enjoying reading your posts.. Your life sounds anything but boring, I was getting tired reading all you're doing...LOL.. Looking forward to going back through your posts :) Robyn

  9. On our recent trip to Washington D.C., both my aunt and I battled low sugars, as we were walking and walking and walking. So, we got to eat candy, and more. Best trip ever!! I'm glad you leveled out. Lows are so miserable.