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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Hearing Aid Gone

Today was a little hectic at the office.  I was having problems with the phone so I was taking my headset on and off all day.  Then, after work, I went for a haircut at my old salon which is not too far from my office. 

Great Clips has that system where you can check in over the phone so you're next when you get there.  They were almost ready for me when I arrived so I sat down to take off my earrings and hearing aids.  Oh my Gosh....  the right hearing aid was not there.  I felt around my head and body.  I looked around my chair.  I went out to my car.  I walked the same path I had entered by.  I tried the locator on my phone app - which said it was at the salon - which it wasn't and that will be tomorrow's story after I call and complain about the faulty GPS. 

After all the hairdressers and people in the salon helped me look, I gave up and got my hair cut.  When I left I looked outside some more and then inside some more and gave up again. 

I headed back to the office to search there.  The back gate to the parking lot was locked so I had to drive around the front and circle to the back.  At this point, I was in panic mode and every second was an hour long.  I looked where I had parked that day and nothing.  I walked up to the back door, which was locked, and nothing on the sidewalk so I got back in my car and drove to the front door of my building. 

By this time I was having trouble breathing!! I came in the front door and walked the path I would have taken when I left (from the elevator to the back door).  I then took the elevator (not in there) up to my floor, diligently looking on the floor as I walked toward my office.  I searched the reception area and then the top of my desk.  I got my phone out to use the light and looked under my desk. 

There it was at the very back corner under my desk.  I did drop something earlier that day and bent under my desk to pick it up.  I guess it was then the hearing aid fell off and I must have pushed it to the back while sliding my feet. 

Holy moly that was close.  I was about to cry by the time I found it.  Those earplugs are big bucks for anyone but especially me.  I'm going to call the clinic tomorrow and see if there is anything like a sticky putty I can use to keep the hearing aids in place.  If not, I'm going to check into the stuff that they use for dentures.  If it is safe enough to put in your mouth it should be safe to glue my hearing aids to my head. 

Whew.  What a day!!


  1. I could feel the panic you experienced, Barbara. I am happy you found it. Such a relief!

  2. I'm so glad you found your hearing aid. I never knew they had GPS technology in them now.

  3. Oh, dear. I can understand the near panic. Hearing aids are unbelievably expensive and I am not sure exactly why that is so. I did not realize they would so easily fall out. There must be some secret to securing them. I hope you get help at the clinic.

  4. I was having an anxiety attack ready this. Oh my goodness am I glad you found them. Do they go around your ear or inside your ear? I wasn't sure about the denture grip inside your ear, so assuming they go around your ear like my headset does. Just thrilled you found them Barbara!!!

  5. Those things are like gold and I am super glad your story had a happy ending. My friend sent me an e-mail yesterday asking me to call her Mom to let her know that she had lost her phone and would call her when she could. She thinks she threw it away at McDonalds. Isn't life fun.