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Monday, March 12, 2018

Spring Break has Arrived

Things are settling in well at the new job.  It was spring break here this week and I missed being able to keep the Grand Girls for the week.  They did come this weekend and I confess I was pretty tired by the time they left. 

We went shopping for a few clothing items for each of them.  They have outgrown most of the clothes I have here so we decided to buy a few summer things.  The oldest wanted blue jean shorts.  She is built like her mother with long legs.  I was not sure I wanted to let her out in those shorts. Hahaha.  I thought her Dad will be getting out the shotgun pretty soon.  The youngest was a lot easier to please.  She is still pretty suggestible when you tell her what to wear.  That won't last long either. 

Buddy, the attack chihuahua, has been getting bigger (fat) since we've cut down on his walking.  Bless his little pointed head.  We are still not out of trouble yet.  Got a text from the bite man today.  Apparently, he did go to the hospital so I guess dollar signs are in the future.  The apartment manager told me to tell him to go through the office and we told him that but he still wants to make contact through my daughter's cell phone.  I told her today to block his number.  She said she was afraid to because he might show up at the door and that would really make me mad at him.  She could be right on that one. 

I'm trying just to stay calm.  Worrying or being mad won't make it work out any better.  Maybe I should find a track to walk and then I could walk off some of the frustration and Buddy could walk off some of the fat - well maybe both of us could walk off some fat.  Hahaha.


  1. Sure wish Buddy's issue would get resolved. Have you talked to an attorney? I entertained three younger ones today (age 5 to 9) for a couple of hours today and it about did me in.

  2. You are a busy woman, Barbara. Time with the grandkids is always a treat but exhausting. And you have a job! I couldn’t do it. I hope everything works out with the bite man too!

  3. I am sorry that you and Buddy are going through that stress. But it is good to hear the new job is going well.

  4. I'd block the number anyway and contact police if he showed up at my door. He has no right to do that. He does have the right to go through proper channels. I would tell him I was doing this as well so that he wouldn't get fired up. Just say, I'm sorry you must go through the proper channel which is....I will not be communicating with you further. That would also eliminate saying anything that could get you in further trouble legally without you even realizing it. Good Luck.

  5. I'm glad you had time with your grandgirls but I sure hear you an being worn out. ;) I've got the baby grandson coming over tomorrow for awhile and then we have the older two grandsons spending the night on Saturday. I'm thinking I will be pretty much out of commission the next week. ;) But oh, it is so worth it!

  6. It's sad that you can't even enjoy a walk around your complex because of that guy. I'd keep as much space between you and him as possible.