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Sunday, March 4, 2018

There is always another side to the Coin

Still thinking about my previous post and what will happen to Buddy and me. 

So I'm sitting here thinking.  What would I do if I were bitten by a dog I didn't know and therefore couldn't verify that he had his rabies shots? 

Would I go to the hospital?  Would I wait until the next day and go to my doctor's office at which time germs could be ravishing my leg?

I'm trying to be honest and fair to this guy.  It really humbles me that I wasn't able to fix the situation right away.  I could have gone upstairs right away and pulled my proof of vaccination if I had known there was a problem.  If I didn't understand how that works what would I have done? 

If he had gone to the hospital what would the hospital have done?  I doubt they would have started him on rabies shots as I understand that is painful and expensive.  Maybe they gave him a tetanus shot but I always thought of that for rusty nails, not dog bites.  I guess when in doubt, it wouldn't hurt. 

I just can't imagine what they could have done for him that would cost $3,500.  Of course, I could joke that just walking into a hospital could cost that much! 

I like to think I am a responsible dog owner.  I pick up after him. I quiet him when he barks.  I move off the sidewalk so other people can pass when we are walking. 

There is a lesson here to be learned and I'm afraid it might be a hard one.


  1. Thinking of you snd Buddy, Barbara!

  2. OH Barbara this is awful. First of all I'd like to see that bill. I know he is lying.
    2nd you are correct, all of the Indians around me when I walk Izzy freak out. Izzy doesn't even bark - ever. She is a mellow non hyper dog and I will go to the tree lawn area with her, make her sit, and we watch them walk by. They have the whole sidway and will go to the edge farthest from us like we will lunge at them.
    But there is no way this man had his scratch treated for 3,500. You could fight this in court. Did you daughter take a photo of the bite? That would have been great for your side.
    I wish you much success from this nut.

    In the meantime, glad you are enjoying your new job and getting in the swing of things with the hours.

  3. You are a good person to look at the other side, but I still think he is taking advantage to scam.

  4. I would not give him a single dime simply based on a "text" from him. I would insist on seeing an itemized bill on his doctor's letterhead, photos of the alleged wound, and proof that he paid the bill. If he produces a bill, I would follow it up with the doctor's office and make sure it's legit. In the meantime, it's possible that your tenant's insurance might (?) possibly cover this incident so give your insurer notice of the incident, and ask their advice.

  5. Ask for the receipt from the DR. Medical bills are high but this is ridiculous.

  6. I'm very sorry you are facing this situation. I would ask for complete proof from him before I paid anything. Like how is he even going to prove it was your dog that did this? If it was $3,500 bad, it seems he would have said something right away--that is a serious amount of medical care--denoting a serious wound. And so on and so forth. It sounds a little bit odd to me--to wait so long, to not tell you to your face, to not say something right away about there being a problem, etc.