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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush

The funeral for Barbara Bush was held yesterday at St. Martin's Episcopal Church which is near (by Texas standards) my house and in which I have a family interest in.  My Dad's funeral was there.  The church was packed for my Dad with lots of sweet family and friends.  I can only imagine what it was like Friday with all the dignitaries attending.  Remembering what it felt like at Dad's funeral, I feel very sorry for the loss the Bush's are enduring.  

I liked Barbara Bush -- because she smiled a lot, she didn't dye her hair, she let her wrinkles show in all their glory and she looked smart with an ordinary figure for a woman her age.  Those things say a lot about a woman in my book.  Also that she was married to the same man and, from all accounts, still in love after 72 years of marriage.  

Friday morning going to work I notice that there were Constables at just about every intersection.  A major speed trap I thought then.  Coming home after work there were twice as many and more in every shopping center or parking area.  Really strange. Something going on.  Has to be.  I was out of the loop with the news and didn't realize her funeral would be on Friday.  Turned out that they were busing people from these parking areas to the church because of parking and security.  

I texted my daughter and grandson and advised them to go different routes home or they could be stuck in a lot of hold patterns.  I don't know how it is where you live but it seems like they block off the whole highway system down here when a President or big-wig is anywhere near.  Wish I had seen Obama, Melania (see I'm an equal opportunity kind of person) and some of the rest up close but glad I wasn't stuck behind them in traffic.  

Barbara Bush seemed like a nice person.  She was the partner of one President and the mother of another.  The woman did something right.  I wish her pleasant journey into the hereafter.  

Click on here to read the article in USA Today.  


  1. I admired her work for literacy as First Lady. She was a loving wife and mother too. A good person!

  2. I liked that she was dedicated to literacy and that she spoke her mind when she wanted to.
    I wouldn't know what happens to highways since I don't believe a president or other big-wig has ever visited my neighborhood!

  3. She was my favorite first lady. Her down to earth nature and honesty were refreshing. Plus she had a great sense of humor. I loved her book Millie.