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Monday, May 21, 2018

$40 Million Dollar Win

Don't get excited for me.  It was just a dream. 

Shortly before the alarm went off this Monday morning I started a dream wherein I won $40 Million Dollars.  In the dream, I had just contacted a financial guy I knew with a piece of paper something like a bank statement that showed $40M was pending in my bank account.  As I said, the alarm went off right about the time I was waving my papers at the front desk telling them I needed to talk to him.

I knew it was a dream as soon as my hand reached for the ringing alarm but my body was so engorged with endorphins that I had to keep telling myself it was only a dream.  Physically, I was so excited  I looked like my dog before a walk.  If I'd had a tale I'd probably have broken some furniture.  Even as I continued the morning by getting in the shower and getting dressed, I had to repeatedly tell myself it was a dream, calm down. 

It is now 2:30 in the afternoon and my body is still slightly playing havoc with my brain.  I have never continued having the "feelings" from a dream, whether happiness or fear, to such an extent. 

I've continued to think about it and have come to the decision it might be my body releasing all the stress and fear from the last two weeks over a wonky mammogram. 

First, the inconclusive report from the hospital came through my patient portal two days after the first test.  I tried to reach my doctor for four days after that and no return phone call.  All I needed was to be told the when, what and where of the next test.  I finally had to threaten to file a complaint and she called me back. 

I got back in for the new tests two days later and actually got to talk to the radiologist after the tests.  She told me that, although inconclusive again, she thought I was ok and we would do it again in six months.  I felt very relieved after talking to her.  I knew it could still be bad news later but if so, we were on it early.  I felt good about that but I still felt the tension from the last two weeks all through my body. 

This weekend I decided I needed to shut myself in as much as possible and really relax.  I ran very few errands and mostly stayed in the house and ate, binge-watched tv and walked the dogs in a repeating pattern.  I felt so much better by Sunday afternoon. 

So this, I guess, is the source of my $40M Dollar win and worth every penny don't you think? 


  1. Oh that dream would excite me too. You may wish to buy a lottery ticket, someone could be telling you something!! I hope you do win 40 million and tell that dog man to bite you. :-)
    As for your wonky mammogram. Will your insurance pay for a sonogram/ultrasound of your chest? A friend had a wonky and until they did the ultrasound she was a mess of concern and fretting. It's worth it if you insurance pays for it. the ultra sound is far better than mammography. That will really put your mind at ease. Your doctor will have to normally request this due to a wonky mammogram but if it's paid for I would do this for piece of mind. Good Luck Barbara.

  2. A release of tension and worry like that is terrific! But me, I'd still go right out and buy a lottery ticket just in case it was a "prophetic" dream, LOL!

  3. Good news and maybe a sign yoi should buy a lottery tocket!

  4. It sounds as though you really needed something to relieve the stress of a wonky mammogram. $40 million would do it!

  5. Still smiling over the image of being as excited as your dog before a walk. Great image. I'm for you getting a lotto ticket anyway and glad you got reprieved on the exam.

  6. Our brains are funny things, aren't they? I'm glad the dream was helpful in alleviating some of the stress. Wish it were true so you could enjoy all that money!

  7. Glad you had a happy dream after all the stress of your mammogram. I'll never understand why offices like that don't return a phone call. So thoughtless. As one who has had wonky mammograms several times, and two biopsies which proved benign, I understand the worry. God bless you, dear Barbara. Sweet dreams tonight and always.

  8. I have had several "call-backs" after mammograms, and even a biopsy one time. I have learned that they are overly cautious, so that if something is there, they can address it quickly. Each and every time, even a few weeks ago when I went through this again, it has turned out to be nothing. One thing I started doing a few years back when things started showing up wonky was to go directly to the hospital for my mammograms. Then, if there needed to be another look, an ultrasound, or even a biopsy, I could just go straight to the hospital where they did those things, and not have to change locations. So, when I needed a routine mammogram this spring, I just directly called the hospital where I live now, and indeed they could do it there. I hand-carried my referral to them, although I believe it could have been faxed over as well. I have to say that both hospitals I've used have bent over backwards to relieve anxiety and were very prompt and informative. I received immediate information after the call back again this time.

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