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Friday, May 11, 2018

Red Birds for the Soul

Yesterday evening I had to take the Grandson to where his car had died to see if it would start.  I am in the middle of this thing between my Grandson and my Son.  The dad is trying to make him a man by telling him how to fix his car over the phone and by sending Youtube videos.  My ex-husband, the Grandfather of the grandson and father of the son could fix anything.  My son learned to fix a lot of things but was nowhere near the genius my ex was.  The genes are pretty diluted in the Grandson.  He doesn't seem to have the natural knack but at 18, almost 19, it may be years before the genes come to the surface if he does have them.  Who knows?  Also, keep in mind that my Son lives an hour's drive away in light traffic and has the two grand girls at home - hence the telephone calls. 

Anyway, I am trying to let this play out between the two men while lending the support, but certainly, no mechanical knowledge, to the Grandson.  Last night was the third time I had followed this routine of taking him to get parts or to get his car - the other two times were more successful than last night.   
Long story short I was sitting in my car trying not to cry and be overwhelmed.  I just wanted this fixed and done.  Put the stupid car in the shop was my answer but, again, I was trying not to interject myself in the solution.  

The Grandson had parked his car in the parking lot of a small apartment complex.  It was a very shady and green area full of plants and trees to look at.  I focused on this as nature always makes me happy.  Then I hear the chirp of a red bird.  I recognize that distinctive chirp from the frequent red bird visitors to my old house.  I looked through the trees and found the lady red bird who is mostly brown and not as pretty but still, it was so nice to see one again.  I felt like I had been sent a little message from above that this was something I just needed to relax about and let things unfold.  I took a deep breath with relaxing thoughts in mind, and then another chirp.  The beautiful red male red bird came flying up and stopped in the tree right in front of me.  

Somedays when you are overwhelmed with things you cannot fix, a small blessing comes into your life in an unexpected form and you find comfort.  I take my blessings where I find them.


  1. You are a wise woman Barbara. Nature has lessons for those with eyes and ears!

  2. That red bird showed up at just the right moment!

  3. Yes! That is a great way to be reminded to stop and take a breath just when one is needed.

  4. Often the perfect cure for what is tensing us up. You were smart to recognize the blessing.

  5. You are a wise woman. I'm sorry you have to be the Uber driver for your grandson. I hope he's reimbursing you for the gas. It's the least he could do. And hurray for cardinals! They are the cheeriest sight at any and all times.

  6. oooh I like this story. That wasn't an "accident"