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Friday, May 18, 2018

Texas City, Texas

Texas City is on the other side of town from me.  No further away than 6 Points of Separation.  In the coming days, I will find out that someone I know has lost a child/grandchild/relative/friend in this latest massacre.  I am so so sad that we have not done something to stop this yet. 

On to other mad men... The dog bite man called my daughter again about 3 weeks ago.  He said he had all of his medical bills together.  She said ok, just take them to the apartment manager as she requested.  He said ok and hung up.  Then he called back.  He said don't you want to know how much they are.  It is $25,000.00.  My daughter again said ok and take them to the apartment manager.  She said she blocked his number after that like I told her to do a long time ago.  She said she was afraid to tell me because I might go ballistic.  I just shook my head.  With bills that high he is either definitely lying or someone in the medical center took him to the cleaners.  I have not heard from the apartment manager who took a picture and saw his leg.  I guess she didn't believe the bills either or ... I don't know what. 

Good Golly Miss Molly.  Crazy times.



  1. Good grief! Incredible! My jaw hit the floor! Good luck with that situation Barbara.

  2. Merciful heavens the testicles on some people. I hope for that price they built him a bionic leg.

  3. I'd get an attorney. No way was this 25K unless they were cloning. I paid $4,000 and 4200 for my dog's torn ACL. That is surgery, follow up visits, anesthesia and medications. You can't tell me a bite was 25K. This man is raking her over the coals. Get an attorney!!!! Even if it is one of those that you only pay if they get money. It will scar the rat and I think things will change before a real lawsuit happens.

  4. Because then he will have to fork over money for an attorney and you know this rat won't.

  5. Oh, brother! He's a scammer. No way that a little dog "bite" would cost that much. Did he get a nose job, too? Sheesh!