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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Raining on My Parade

It's the 4th of July and looks like we will spend the majority of the day inside.  There is a flood watch warning on the news but the rain over my house is steady but not too hard.  It all adds up when it runs into the bayou so fingers crossed.  I have been hoping for a rainy day that would keep me inside and bore me into doing very little.  Looks like I am going to accomplish that.

Last weekend the Grand Girls were here.  The oldest is pretty quiet these days, mostly entertaining herself or playing nicely (most of the time) with her sister.  The youngest, however, is at the get in your lap and talk non-stop stage - almost nose to nose to be sure she has your undivided attention.  She is perpetually happy and is constantly singing, talking and playing dolls while talking.  Never a quiet moment.  So I am glad to have a nice, quiet, boring day.

The daughter is still being very optimistic.  Many good days and quite a few bad in between. Seems like she should be getting her cast off soon but I hate to ask in case she is disappointed.  Her next visit is in two days and I am hoping he will give her good news.

I've added a couple of apps to my phone to listen to books.  I had to quit listening to them in bed at night on the CD player because I had to listen in a volume that disturbed the rest of the household!! Hahaha.  Too many concerts as a kid.  I have, instead, been listening through my cell phone to Overdrive and Hoopla which allow me access through my library for a limited number of free books.  I just lay the cell phone above my head, turn the app on for an hour and listen to my story while I fall asleep.  Sometimes I am awake when the app shuts off and I turn it on again.  I think I was probably asleep for part of the time but like the old joke, turn off the tv and Dad says I was watching that (in my sleep).  At any rate, a suggestion for anyone that might have a similar need.

My job is going well.  I still hate getting up and getting dressed every morning but am ok once my brain kicks into gear.  I think one of my side affects of diabetes is going to be the effect on my brain.  I know that at 67 I am allowed senior moments but it seems so hard to pull information out of my head sometimes.  If I could just forget some of the lyrics to the songs from the 60s, I'm sure I would have a lot of freed up memory I could use.

Be back soon.


  1. I have a lot of brain space being taken up by useless trivia too! We need some "mental floss" to clear out all that crap!

  2. Haha! Our brains store and remember (for some reason) so many trivial things, don't they?

    Good to see you posting! I hope your daughter is pleased with her recovery once the cast is removed. Saying a prayer for her now.

    Take care and Happy Independence Day!

  3. Happy rainy 4th. Ours is overcast but no rain predicted. Had to chuckle about the songs of the 60s. Me too!!!

  4. If you have it so do I Barbara. I had a hair appointment today, remembered it this morning and all week. Missed it this afternoon. Information stays for a fleeting moment!

  5. That is funny about the music lyrics. It does seem harder to navigate the nervous system connection to certain knowledge these days. Happy Fourth.

  6. Barbara, I had to smile at your post. Our grandson, Sam, who is 5 is also a nonstop talker. He needs me to be fully engaged while he's talking! I'm 74 and sometimes walk a few steps to the pantry or to my closet and forget why I'm there. By the time I walk back, I usually remember and must make a return trip. I wish it would rain here in CO. Sometimes, it gets cloudy but nothing hits the ground. We are under fire restrictions.

  7. Only thing bad about audio books is trying to find your place when you fall asleep.
    Hope you missed the flooding. Part of the country is under water, the rest is on fire.