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Thursday, August 23, 2018

This Really is a New Post

I renewed my domain name last night and apparently some silly things happened - like relisting every post I ever wrote.  So skip any posts but this one because it's been a while.

Catch Up:  I quit my new little job.  About the same time the African Sahara Dust Storm Winds hit Houston, I came down with a ferocious upper respiratory infection.  I don't know whether the Dust Storm really had anything to do with my allergies but since that time I have been one continuous coughing machine. 

The Daughter and I are moving across town back to the area I used to live in.  We are moving from a nice size 2 bedroom apartment to a tiny duplex.  Why would we downsize so drastically?  Well the Daughter's job is about 10 minutes away from the new place.  She works a lot of overtime and there will be a garage space for her to park in instead of the mile trek she has to make at night in this complex. Also, I will be back in the part of town where I lived in my little garage apartment for so long.  All my favorite haunts, etc. will be near again.  The house is so small that I am experimenting with a single bed in my new bedroom instead of my double bed.  I'm keeping the double until I'm sure I can stand the single though. 

Another reason for the move is that we will have a small yard.  It is not fenced but at least I can walk the dogs without traipsing down 3 flights of stairs when the elevator is broken.  Although, I have to say that going down the stairs has kept my knees well oiled.  Going up the stairs has put a bit of a strain on my breathing.  I can breathe going down but not going up.  Go figure.  I'm going to put a couple of chains or long leashes out so that I can secure the dogs outside when they need to have a smell-a-thon or if I'm doing any crafts outside.  Haven't decided if I'm going to take up my ice dyeing again.  I still have a lot of the dyes so I'll think about it later on.

The duplex is very old ... 20s, 30s?  so the closest are very small.  We are going to designate the largest hall closet for the little girls stuff.  I do seem to accumulate so much odds and ends for them.  The new place will also give the girls a yard to be outside and save me from some of the racket and mess. 

Also looking forward to have my plants again.  Turned out my balcony at the apartment had all day sun so I have struggled to keep things alive.  I'm also looking forward to bird feeders again.  I've missed the birds singing. 

We are moving in about a month but I intend to be packed and living out of boxes before then. 

I'll keep you updated and should be back to posting regularly. 


P.S. No new pictures because I haven't loaded the software for downloading from my phone to my new Chromebook.  That is a whole other story.  Learning to live without Microsoft is like living without electricity but I'm trying. 


  1. It is good to hear from you agan Barbara. I hope the move works out for you!

  2. Good luck with these changes! You'll be happy to be in your old neighbourhood again, I'm sure.

  3. Glad you are well...somewhat. I hope that cough moves away from you too. :-)
    I had to laugh at your last line "Learning to live without Microsoft is like living without electricity"...how true and sad that our life has become this. But I so agree and understand 100%.

  4. Hi Barbara! Good to see your here again. I hope your move goes smoothly and that you will be settled and happy at the other end. Life is full of changes and we must roll with it, right? xo

  5. Wow, your life changes so rapidly it's hard to keep up! It does sound like a good move -- for the lawn, the garage, the old neighborhood and maybe even your knees. You are like me in that I would be packing up as soon as I knew about a move.