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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Is this a Blogger change?

I've been reading the blogs I follow on my phone lately because I don't like my new Chromebook.  I noticed last night after I received some comments and I pushed the publish button, I got another email that said did I want to "unsubscribe to comment emails for this (my) blog." It asked me this for every comment I published. 

Where did this come from?  Is it happening to anyone else?  I'm afraid I might have unsubscribed to any or every comment source I receive. 

Ok, I'm getting old and cranky.  I want them to quit making changes without my permission.  And especially, don't be jacking with me during my move or I might just accidentally on purpose lose my laptop, also known as cut off my nose to spite my face.  I'm not sure what that really means except my mother used to say that to me quite frequently.  Guess that tells you what kind of child I was.  Hahahaha.


  1. I left you a comment on your previous post and it has published and you haven't deleted me LOL! I aslo got your new post in my reader today - so everything just as usual for me.
    Hope you get your problem sorted though - technology can be exasperating!

  2. I had trouble for a few days, Barbara. I tried to post a comment yesterday on your blog and it wouldn’t post. I tried again today and it did.

    I wrote Blogger but haven’t heard from them yet, though the problem I had seems to be fixed.

  3. This might help? I did a post on fixing the notification issue a couple of months ago -- if you moderate your comments, pay special attention to the last paragraph. If you fix this in your blogger settings, it may prevent those annoying emails every time someone comments (at least I hope so!)


  4. That is so you can get your comments in email. I am not getting my blog comments sent to email anymore. I have tried everything Blogger has been working on the issue and since that time this situation has reared its head. I don't know if this will become permanent and all of us will have to deal with it or this is going on while they are fixing the problem. Who knows! I just wish I could get my email notifications when someone comments. That is all I'd like to see....for now.

  5. I love your blog
    I started one and it was too frustrating so deleted it
    I have moved 30 times and each time is an experience
    Don't mind it at all!! Good luck!!! Keep up your enchanting blog postings !!