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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Houston - We Have Fall

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was so Houston.  I went from shorts and sleeveless shirt on Sunday to long pants and jacket on Monday.  My phone said it was 57 today.  Shoot. That's winter folks.  

A little Halloween humor I shared with my son on Facebook.  I know there are some creative folks out there that might want to try this too. 

To continue with my bird feeder shenanigans, this is a bag of the bird food I purchased that I really liked.  Even though the birders have not found my feeder yet, I'm thinking positive and buying a good mix.  Below is a picture of a 3 in 1 bird food holder/pitcher. 

It is heavy plastic.  The top lifts up on one side to fill it up with feed and the nozzle has a cap to prevent insects from crawling in.  I bought this for an add-on price of around $5 on Amazon. I'm not sure of the full price but if you have a lot of feeders to fill in different parts of your yard (like I did at the old house), this would be really convenient.  Below is the manufacturer's label if you are interested.  

Well, it's time to walk the dogs.  There are too many dog walkers before and after work so I try to make it at 11 and 3.  Buddy the Barker makes too much noise when the rest of the world is out walking. 



  1. My late husband was a conscientious bird feeder. He also washed the deck. I did not keep up with the filling of feeders and I certainly did not think I was going to add washing down the deck of bird poop to my daily list of chores. I was content that both my neighbors were bird feeders and that was that. Now that I have moved into a condo, i notice birds in the trees in the back yard all the time. They seem quite self sufficient so I am not tempted to put out a feeder. I even see hummingbirds flitting around my potted plants so I am good.

  2. Ha! We had single digits this morning; 57 is summer to us here in Ontario, Canada.

  3. Same here It was 85 and humid as could be, next day 61 and windy. Brr...It's cold for only being mid October.
    Last night it was in the high 30's. Not ready for the this Barbara. I moved down here for a reason. My family is having snow, not sticking but they got snow.

  4. We too are getting a cool blast. Love it. Debating feeding the birds this year. Two consecutive years I have slipped on ice going to the feeders. Torn rotator cuff first year, cracked rib the next. I'll probably cave though.