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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I did it. I voted Today.

It sprinkled here a good part of the day so I decided that would slow down John Q. Public and I darted over to the voting polls.  I timed it just right.  I even found a parking space.  Although that was just luck, I felt like I had done something right!

There are all kinds of posts, articles, and News reports about just how many people really tried to attend the Trump/Cruz rally.  This whole experience of a tightly contested race has been surreal.  It's like going to the Mall in December and knowing that you'll have a terrific headache by the time you leave, but you can't help the thrill of anticipation when you head into that underground garage. 

Other news.  New bird feeder.  Fancy seed.  No birds yet.  Go figure.

A man found my phone and contacted me.  It appears I dropped it in front of my house.  I'm working on getting it back but trying not to expose any more personal information than I have to.

I wore the new necklace I bought at World Market the day I lost my phone.  I lost it, the necklace, somewhere between the Polls, the Library and Big Lots.  Is my sun sign in the House of Lost Objects?  I was afraid to walk Buddy today for fear I would turn around and he'd be gone too.

Hahaha.  Life is a bowl of cherries and I believe I've found all the pits now.

More later. 


  1. Oh my, I think you better start gluing things down on yourself. Glad you got your phone back. You can clean it out and sell it. that extra cash can buy you a new necklace!

  2. Only good luck from now on, Barbara.

    Here in eastern Canada we hear of the senate race in Texas. It is interesting to know someone who can vote there and was persistent to doing so! Good for you!

  3. Send the man who found your phone to find your necklace!

  4. I sometimes stop looking and things turn up. Hasn't worked with my post box key though. I have a spare but I worry about losing that.

  5. I like Peggy's idea. Good luck with the necklace.

  6. Haha! Love the responses here! How weird that your phone was lost at your house and someone else found it. Why didn't they just knock on your door? Barbara, maybe you need a phone case with a chain on it like those kinds for glasses. Sort of like a wallet chain like guys use. :-D

  7. I never lose my phone ... because I can call it. But that leaves keys, wallet, glasses and a host of other things to go missing. I voted the other day ... absentee ballot.