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Monday, October 15, 2018

Monday, Monday .. Love the Mamas and Papas

I finally had time to get bored over the weekend.  I guess that means I'm settled in. 

Life has been difficult for me with all the Halloween candy out.  As a diabetic, my uncontrolled sugar levels begs for chocolate.  The only thing that gives me a fighting chance is the price of candy these days. 

I'm not sure if we have any kids in our neighborhood.  Most of the homes are new-builds after the teardown of something old or they are the original homes, well kept and, in my opinion, still gorgeous, or they are duplexes or fourplexes similar to mine.  I'm going to get out with my camera and take some pictures to share.

I went to a candle making workshop Saturday night.  It was fun but I went as a serious crafter and many of the ladies were there in pairs or groups as a night out.  The price of the workshop included a drink or two and some hors-d'oeuvres.  It also included a choice of several vessels to make the candles and many essential oils to chose from.  By the time I got home the smell of the melting soy wax and all the essential oils I had sniffed had given me a stopped up head.  Word of warning if you ever try such a workshop. 

My finished product.  I think they were (1) cinnamon, (2) lavender, and (3) vanilla.  I really can't remember after all the oils I touched that night. 

I woke up to a lovely rain this morning.  Soft and steady.  The ground needed it and I was glad.  Over the weekend, I put out one of the three bird feeders I purchased last week from Amazon. Two will be returned as they are too flimsy to withstand the beating they will get from birds and squirrels.  

Speaking of squirrels, I was told by two different neighbors that we have quite a few squirrels around and they use the branches on the side of my house as their Chisolm Trail.  So, I've had to rethink the bird situation. It is really hard to keep your bird feeders full if you have squirrels around.  They are smart little devils when it comes to finding a way to reach a feeder.  That made me realize that looking through my bedroom window I see lots of squirrels running up and down the trees.  I tried to research the pros and cons of feeding squirrels - as in fighting a losing battle - but I'm still inclined to feed birds.  

This is the view from "my chair".  Note Buddy's bed and his scratching rugs. Since we have hardwood floors I have to be sure he gets a place to scratch or he will be asking me to do the honors. You can vaguely see the number of trees (above) between my window and the neighbor's drive.  

Darn.  Just as I walked over to snap this picture a little squirrel ran up.  I see a non-stop movement of squirrels on this particular tree as I sit in my chair. 

I included a lot of photos today and I didn't reduce the pixels in any of these pictures.  Please let me know if they take eons to open. 



  1. Oh, oh, I foresee an epic Battle of the Squirrels! No, your photos loaded quickly.

  2. But ... the candles look nice! No problem with photos here.

  3. I would be very sick if I ever tried one of those candle workshops. I turn slightly green just walking by a Yankee Candle.

  4. I’d love to make candles but the scents would affect my sinuses for sure!

  5. Your photos were fine. I'm glad your settled and now 'have time to get bored'. Love that line, may I steal it, lol?

  6. I've always wanted to make candles. These scents you used sound wonderful but I would agree working with them going home with all that on my person would be horrible.
    And no issue with photos Barbara.

  7. When I was poor and working my way through college, I decided to make candles for gifts at Christmas. I spent $23 for 21 gifts but didn't have a decent pot or pan left. It was fun though.