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Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Grand Girls are here and I don't know whether to beg for quiet or run in fear when it happens.  My son, their father, and my daughter were certainly not allowed to be so rambunctious but I try not to interfere.  I know I didn't appreciate any parental advice back in my day. 

Here are some of Elayna's new drawings and pictures of the girls drawing and playing with Play Dough.

I saw some interesting tv programs this evening while I had a few quiet minutes.  Both were new shows on ABC.  The first was Nathan Fillion's new series, The Rookie.  The write-ups said not to expect Castle humor from him but there was still some.  I think he is one of those actors that is himself with a slight character change in each new series.  I've loved him in Firefly so I accept his style of acting.  I'll be curious to see if I continue to like this program.  

The second series I saw was The Kids are Alright with Mary McCormak as the wife and mother of a working-class Catholic family of 8 boys somewhere outside Los Angeles.  Growing up around a lot of large to very large Catholic families I can appreciate the humor of the Catholic influence on the family lifestyle.  I also had a friend who was one of 6 boys, though not Catholic, and the tales he told of an all boy family are very similar to what I saw on the show.  Again, it was only one viewing but it looked good.  Besides I always love a flashback of the 70s.  

That's it for tonight. 


  1. I don't have a grandchild yet (Jim has three) nut I'm sure if I ever do i will not agree with their parenting. But I'll also try to keep my mouth shut. Missed both those shows. I'll be glad to get back to AZ so i know what the tv schedule is.

  2. What a great opening line! And I like the pictures.

  3. I want to see that show with Mary MCormack because I like her and the 70's was something I thought I could relate to. I was from a very large and loud Italian Catholic working class family. Same thing, different food. :-)

  4. I enjoyed this post, Barb. I think you're a great grandma.

  5. Fan of Nathan's so I will probably enjoy the show. It is hard to keep up with the boundless energy of young ones isn't it? If we only had just a wee bit of their energy.