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Monday, October 1, 2018

We're Home

Here I am in the Laundry Room at the old apartment getting a coke.  Can you tell how red my face is?  That was some work.
Here we are at the New House.  Boy, was that a tight squeeze with all the boxes. I wish I had counted the boxes.  There were so many for the size of the house that you had to unpack the closest box first.  There was no pushing them around to get to the one you wanted.  I was lucky in that I got a free load of boxes off Freecycle from a lady who had just moved into this area. Of course, I had to drive across town to bring them back to the old apartment but free was worth the trouble.  I also got rid of them the same way.  I advertised on Freecycle and a lady came and picked them all up.  I broke them down as we unpacked because I was hoping that I could get rid of them on Freecycle without having to take them to a Recycle Center.  Worked out great.  

This is a corner of the large closet behind the recliner in the picture above.  I believe it is the 1938 version of a walk-in closet.  I'm not complaining because we have used every inch of it.  These are my (grown) daughter's games.  She is one of those "gaming" addicts and belongs to several groups that meet up at different places on different nights.  As a child, she and the other two little girls who lived down the street played a lot of games.  If they weren't on their bikes or laying on the trampoline dreaming of things to come, they were playing some board game. 

Here is the little girls' area of the closet.  Fresh baskets and everything sorted nicely.  We'll see how long it stays that way.  I also bought one of those tall drawer things from Michael's and put all the colors, markers, tape, punches, stickers, colored paper and white paper.  I know I'm dreaming if I think it will stay organized!!

Here is Buddy sitting on one of the new pillows and not on the blanket put there just for him.  You can almost see the window unit in the right corner.  Haha.  There was no central air in 1938. Luckily I have the newest and coldest unit in my bedroom.  You know I tend to get overheated from this diabetes so a nice place to cool down is important.  

Here is part of the front.  I didn't realize I cut off the top and got part of the garage apartments next door.  I'll get a better picture of the front and share it.  There is an archway porch on the left side of my building just like this one.  

My daughter put up Halloween yesterday.  She loves to decorate for the Holidays.  That works out fine because I love to look at someone's hard work decorating for the Holidays.  

So I'm settled in and very happy.  This definitely was the right move.  I'm going to try to be a little more socially active.  I looked on Meetups for some groups I might join to meet new people.  I'm also trying to decide on what my new hobby is going to be.  I ran across some pictures of my ice dyes I had posted on Facebook and they warmed my heart.  I'm not going to do that again because I don't have the grandson around who wanted everything I made but I'll find something fun to do.  


  1. I am glad you are settled in at your new place, Barbara. It sounds like a great move for you!

  2. That's wonderful, Barbara. I need to be more socially active too!

  3. Buddy looks right at home! Everything looks great -- and what beautiful wood floors! Best wishes in your new home, all of you!