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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Last night I took two aspirins and went to bed. I'll hear the election results on Wednesday.

Well, the elections are finally over ... for Texas anyway.  Beto did not win but I'm sure it scared the pants off all the Republicans who had assumed Texas was and always would be theirs. 

So many people all over the country became active in the politics of their area.  In Texas, and many other states, there was a greater turnout of young people than ever before.  So glad the young understood that it is up to each of us to be involved.

It is my intention not to blog about politics again or at least not until the $80M, not $18M, wall kicks into gear again.  


  1. The election dominated much of our news cycle too, Barbara.

  2. I am always stymied by elections. People vote for referendums about keeping health care and livable wages and then also elect the very people who vow they will fight to the bitter end against such social programs. I don't see the sense to it.

  3. I moved here and was so disappointment to see that it was such a state divided. Red in the south as no surprise and us in the northern part of the state very blue. So we were called purple. Thankfully we went to complete blue. That is the only good thing that orange buffoon has done for me. Don't hold your breath on that wall, it's never going to happen. He is a wind bag. Now you're done. :-)

  4. Ha ha, loved the cartoon. Never really under stood the concept of the "wall". Like you I just went to bed.