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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

October is Breast Cancer Month

So I'm a little late for the October Breast Cancer Awareness.  If you remember six months ago I had a wacky mammogram and then got retested but still wasn't sure.  Today I had what was supposed to be a 3D and Ultrasound on both breasts.  I went through the same no parking spaces available and long-ass walk to the hospital when I finally found one. 

To top that off, it is the third day of jacket weather and that means Winter in the Lone Star State.  I went through the usual check-in with the TV channels set on Chip and Joanna Gaines in each room as I moved closer to the x-ray machine.  I really do like that show but it is surprising how calm it kept me. 

Finally back to the x-ray room I'd been to twice before.  So she does the left breast first, the wonky one.  Two pictures each of each side and down.  She excuses herself to talk to the radiologist.  She comes back and says I can go.  Everything is OK and I do not need any other x-rays. 

What?  Are you sure?  Yes.  They can see through the dense tissue with the 3D and everything is clear.  Yahoooo. 

I'm a bit late on the Breast Cancer memes but here are a few. 

More later....


  1. Very glad to hear that you got an all-clear!

  2. Great news! And what is it with doctors' offices and Chip and Joanna Gaines? My doctor and dentist both have HGTV on. I guess it's better than the news. lol Nothing but stress there. :-P

  3. Great news!!!! Medical bldgs and hospitals around here will valet park your car. It's free unless you wish to tip. I used it after my knee surgery so I didn't have to walk so darn far. They say on a big sign tipping is not expected. I just pull up to the front door where the valet stand is and they help me out of my car and park it for me, free of charge. It's nice in bad weather or if you can't do that long long walk.

    The Gaines keep you relaxed? Hmmm....
    I am not their biggest fans. She does great work but there is something about them that bugs me. Something very much like they aren't who they pretend they are. I'm sure it is just me since they are so popular.
    Ree Drummond is the same to me. (on food network)

  4. My sister just went through the many tests and finally like you she got the all clear. Her doc said "See you in 30 years." It is a shame though the angst you both had to go through. You can relax now.