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Thursday, December 13, 2018

A Moment in time

I have been going through a box of old photographs and posting some on Facebook.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and shoes

Me on the left and my Cousin on the right.  

Somewhere around 1955-56, we think.  She is a year younger than me.  She said she always got in trouble with the teachers at school because she followed me and they knew me from talking too much.  

This is Me on the left and my Sister on the right.

I'm guessing this is maybe the mid to late '70s.  There are 3 girls in my family.  I am the oldest.  The sister in the picture is four years younger than me and then the youngest sister 18months after her.  This sister truly is the talker.  We all went to the same High School - me, my cousin, my middle sister, and the youngest sister.  The teachers were certainly tired of my family after this talkative sister followed behind my cousin and me.  

I guess that is why photographs are important.  They capture a moment in time.  Truly remarkable finds. 


  1. I was lucky. My sister is eight years older so they had forgotten her when I finally got in school.

  2. I love photos so much and have so few of the last few years. All on a computer. I think I need to drop some serious money and have all of them made into a paper photo. Can't look back on a computer in the same way.
    Thanks for reminding me.

  3. I feel for your cousin ... I was the youngest of four, and by the time I walked into the classroom I already had a reputation.

  4. Old photos do take us right back, don't they.

  5. I have started to wonder what will happen to all those old photos I have tucked away in boxes and albums. Recent photos are all on phones.