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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Bloglovin' app for smartphones is a DUD

My relationship with Bloglovin' has come to an impasse.  Since Blogger or Google or whatever system last changed my blog reading platform, I came to rely on Bloglovin' and was very happy.  I'm still happy with the program on my computer but not on my smartphone.

Since the last time I lost my phone - when someone picked it up right outside my house and contacted me but never responded to my requests for a meetup - I have gotten a replacement phone which I assumed to be the same model.  It looks like the same phone but doesn't act like the same phone.

I have spent so much time removing the "improvements".  I backed up my phone and it should have reloaded like it was before - but nooooooo.  But, I digress.

When I reloaded the Bloglovin' app on my phone it added a new feature - you have to choose new blogs to read before it will let you read the ones you already follow.   Now I have been known to explore new blogs by subject area or by reading comments on a blog and thinking that person sounds interesting and going to their blog. 

What I do not want is to be forced by Bloglovin' to add blogs everytime I open the app.  I contacted them and got a thank you for contacting us and we'll be back with you - which, of course, they did not. 

So because I have advocated for Bloglovin' before, I wanted to tell you that I do not recommend it as your blog reader on a cell phone unless you are lucky enough to get the app I had before the "improvement". 

Another crazy thing.  Is it me or is every page so full of ads that you can only read 3 lines of type at a time and/or so slow loading because of all the pop-ups, videos, etc.  I'm beginning to feel like I did about regular TV when there were more commercials during a television program than there was a program. 

All of these companies need to remember they are not the only game in town and if we are not pleased, we will go elsewhere.  Just sayin'.


  1. Not familiar with Bloglovin, so I am no help at all. Hope you find a solution and hope I never have to face what you are going through. I hate tech stress.
    One reason I record all TV shows is so I can fast forward past the commercials.

  2. I have been forced to conclude that I have some kind of weird electrical impulses streaming out from my finger tips because lately every tech thing I touch goes completely wonky. Or maybe it's all a foreign government plot to drive us all crazy?