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Friday, December 7, 2018

Houston. We Have Pictures

The much-anticipated description of my colonoscopy is here. 

All the suffering resulted in a beautifully clear rectum the doctor said.  Getting clean was, as we all know, the worse thing ever.  Most of my extra preparations weren't needed.  I do think cutting down days in advance made the passing (Pun Intended) easier. 

The problem began on the morning of the test.  We had to be at the clinic at 5:15 a.m.  Ridiculous for a person who sleeps until 10 or 11 but they wanted me in first because of the diabetes so I could take my insulin and eat as soon as possible afterward. 

I jumped in the shower Thursday morning half asleep, definitely hungry, still-leaking and woozy.  Sure enough, my sugar had dropped to 66 which is seriously bad.  I tried to shower, got lathered up, then felt so faint I got out and laid on the bathroom floor with soap covering my body.  I got up in a few minutes and managed to wash the soap off. 

I called for my daughter to bring me sugar water even though you are not supposed to drink at all the morning of the test.  I drank a few sips and off we went.  I was so sick, shaking and still dripping (with a washcloth in my underwear for emergencies). 

I noticed that there was a problem with my toenail but I was to sick to care.  More on that later.

Once I got to the clinic and got in bed and answered a million questions, I was taken to the room, told to turn on my side and next thing I knew waking up in the recovery room.  I want that shot next time I have to drink that gunk and they can just put me on a washable table and hose me down as it runs out.  Gross, I know. 

I felt drunk all day yesterday but that could be from the rising and falling insulin levels as well after effects of anesthesia.  I tried to get my sugar balanced and did not even bother to read the report and pictures in living color from my GI.  I go back on Jan. 10 for results.  Fingers crossed.

So last night the loose toenail toe was aching and kept waking me up.  On closer examination this morning, I could tell it was connected to my toe by one small piece of skin.  I went over to the quick clinic near me and saw the nurse practitioner.  Again, the problems my brother-in-law has had requiring surgery on his diabetic feet has influenced me to take everything seriously. 

The nurse practitioner pulled the last of the nail bed loose and said it looked good except for a little black spot the size of a pencil lead which she thought was an infection.  She said my toenails had a fungus and I needed to get it addressed.  So today I made an appointment with the podiatrist next week.  The NP gave me an antibiotic and so I will go forward with that for the next 10 days unless the podiatrist makes any changes. 

Boy, you give a girl an extra insurance policy and her body goes to ruins immediately. 

More later ...


  1. I am more determined than ever to avoid another colonoscopy.

    1. I'm hoping she'll say another in 5 years which I will extend to 10 years and then claim I am too old to undergo that kind of torment.

  2. I told you those drugs were good! I'd like them every day, please.

    Sorry the cleanse was rough for you. Also that toe nail. And I hope the colonoscopy results come back as good news for you.

  3. Hope you hear only good news and that toe heals nicely. Let us know the results.

  4. Glad you are through it and hope the results are good!

  5. So glad it is over with for you and hopefully you don't need another one for many years.