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Saturday, December 15, 2018

I've been playing around with cards.  Not the fancy note cards some of you make.  I just can't let myself spend more money on a hobby as I seem to go through them.  These are just little 4x6 cards to put in a picture frame to make you laugh or give you inspiration.

They are nothing special.  As is true with all new hobbies, you have to start at the bottom and learn your way up.  

I finally hooked up with my teacher and picked up my Christmas Ornament from the class I took.  I'll share a picture soon.  

More later ....


  1. I am into card making -- so many stamps, inks, paper, punches, cutting machines, etc. Each card I send costs me abut $200. But it is good to have hobbies.

  2. You always find a project, Barbara. You are creative. I missed that talent!