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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Taking a Glass Beadmaking Class tonight

Tonight I'm scheduled to take a Glass Beadmaking Class.  The class is hosted by the same company that gave the candle making class.  The candlemaking class seemed more like an outing for most of the ladies, whereas I looked at it as a learning experience.  This class is being taught at a glass makers studio here in the neighborhood so I'm hoping it is more about learning and less social, but either way, I'm sure it will be very interesting.  I'll let you know all about it. 

My Daughter is putting up Christmas last night and today.  Our little place is so small there is barely any place to put things.  We had to buy a few pieces of furniture when we moved here because normal size couch or dining table was too big.  I'll share more pictures later.  

My friend and I have made a pact that each week we will go somewhere decked out in Christmas spirit.  We are not going to worry about decorating but instead are going to see the Christmas sights and sounds to keep us in the spirit.  

I haven't bought very much this year and what I did buy I ordered online.  I promised myself I would not go to Walmart or order off Amazon unless I just had to.  I love Amazon.  I can find what I want, buy it for a decent price and get it delivered free to my door.  But I don't believe Jeff Bezos should be the wealthiest man around while he is keeping prices down by paying workers less and using vendors that will accept a smaller profit.  We know the Waltons did this to create the Walmart empire but the Walton children (grown) are also among America's richest.  There is a point where these rich people have to give back.  Make scholarships, open libraries, do anything that will benefit the public.  I will not continue to support the establishments that do not give back.  Instead, I will go to a Mom and Pop store and give them my business.  It will cost me a little more but I will consider that my contribution to society.  

More later ....


  1. I like your style, Barbara. Hope you and your friend find the 'spirit' each and every outing. xo

  2. Glass bead making sounds really interesting! How was the class? I have to agree with you. I don't begrudge people making money off their labors but when people are worth millions and millions and don't give back, I mean, how much money does one person need? then again maybe they are making sure the future generations of their families will be secure but like Walmart and Amazon as much as I love shopping there, they are what is killing and has killed the Mom & Pop stores. I am shopping local this year myself.

  3. The Christmas Spirit pact you made with your friend is a great idea! Have fun at the bead-making class!

  4. I avoid Walmart whenever I can too and support local businesses. I order very little on line as well. I’m with you, Barbara.

  5. Bead making sounds fun. Do let us know how it goes and keep spreading the Christmas spirit.