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Tuesday, January 15, 2019


I was reading a discussion on a British blog I follow with various opinions on the Brexit problem.

Around 52% of the voters voted to leave the EU.  I'm sure you know they are having all kinds of debates on how to get out without paying $39 Billion Pounds to the EU.  The Prime Minister can't seem to make anybody happy and the Parliament seems to be at odds with each other.

The unrest is so similar to our situation.  The vote for our current President was so closely split with Clinton winning the popular vote by about 52% and Trump winning the electoral college.  Now we have the Republican Senate and Democratic run House.  Will they be able to get anything done bipartisan?  I can only hope.

I also read a post on Facebook this morning with pictures of walls, past, and present, dividing so many countries around the World.  It just seems so strange to me that so many people want to wall themselves in to keep away the poor, desperate and unwanted citizens of dying societies.

I don't know the answer for the Brits or us, however, it seems like a world-wide problem we should all work together to figure out.

But what do I know?  Maybe it is just the way history keeps repeating itself.


  1. Maybe it's the way we largely fail to learn from history.

  2. Everybody's going to hell in a handbasket these days, it seems.

  3. Love the new header.

    Our friends are from Berlin, living with a wall for most of their lives there. Even that one came down. This too will pass. What will happen in the meantime is scary.

  4. Some people are racist, and they don't want dark-skinned people coming into this country. No question about it. A lot of people, particularly working-class whites, believe that the millions of immigrants are taking jobs and government benefits away from them. Whether that's true or not, I don't know. A lot of people also believe in the rule of law -- they're in favor if legal immigration but not illegal immigration. I don't know the answer. But it seems self-evident that a big concrete wall is a bad idea.

  5. You'd think we'd learn from our mistakes not just keep repeating them.
    Look at the wall in China - it's now a very expensive tourist trap.
    Another republican said, "take down this wall"
    So go figure.
    All I know is we have 1 month left of monies. This is killing us. I am very very scared.

  6. The Brits do have almost as unsettling a political climate as we do. May we both survive and thrive.

  7. One of my friends has dual citizenship and a keen interest in the political situation in both her countries. I am amazed she is not clinically depressed.