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Thursday, January 10, 2019

First Visit

Just a quick catch up.  I spent Wednesday and part of today at the Son's house.  Life with the Girl was much easier at their house and I enjoyed my day (Wednesday) with the girls. 

I had been feeling poorly for a couple of days prior to making the trip to Son's house. My sugar was going up and down and once again I couldn't quite figure it out.   I had gotten my flu shot last week.  I had a flu-type reaction once in the past but thought I was doing fine this time.  I made the trip thinking I would muscle my way through any poor feelings but alas it didn't work like that. 

I ended up going to bed at 6:30 pm on Wednesday.  Not because the girls wore me out, but because I had been falling asleep in my chair several days over the last week.  Then I had a sugar drop in the night and a high reading when I got up.  To make it worse I forgot my meter to test my sugar levels so couldn't tell what my high and low numbers were and adjust my insulin accordingly.  In other words, I made it worse on myself and had to go home to test my blood and get it organized.  Luckily the Grandson was there and didn't have to work so he covered for me.   

So, as I said, it went much better than expected.  The Girls behaved so much better and willingly did homework and cleaned their rooms without my asking twice.  They were a little noisy at times but nothing like at my house.  I believe a lot of this had to do with the amount of room they had to move around in their house without being in each other's face.  The young one still talked too much and the older was a little bossy but otherwise, I felt like my sweet girls were back. 

The Son was so glad to see me and I think he had a lot of talking he wanted to do.  His office is continuing to expand and asking him to take on more responsibility.  He thinks they don't understand a father being a single parent.  We didn't get a chance to talk about everything but will get to more of that next week. 

So all in all, I am feeling so much better about their little family.  I'm sure I'll be dropping you more updates but for now, things are good. 

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  1. How often, even at our age, we do or don't do things that make it worse on ourselves! But glad the visit was a good one anyway.

  2. It must ba a relief for you to know that, Barbara.

  3. Wonderful about the girls and please don't forget your meter again. Hope you are all balanced once again.