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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Insulin Changes

When I went to the doctor last week she changed my insulins all around and increased my dosages.  I take a long-acting insulin shot in the morning and a short-acting shot with each meal.  The short-acting which is the Novolin-R is an old-school insulin (which is cheaper) lasts longer in your system than say the new Lantus insulin (which I can no longer afford) that doesn't hang in as long. 

What that means is that long-lasting is in your system slowly releasing all day.  The slow-acting old school insulin is just for that meal but it lasts around 6 hours unlike the Lantus which dissipates more quickly.  So if I snack less than 2 hours before my next meal my reading (finger prick) at meal time will be a false high from the sugar residue that is still being handled by the prior shot.  In that case, my sugar will drop in the middle of the next two meals.  That drop, to me, feels worse than a sugar high. 

Now I know what to say when kids ask why they need higher Math skills.  Because you might be diabetic someday and need to know how to calculate your insulin dosage. Or. on the other hand, you may be an astronaut and need to navigate a space craft.  Both of them take similar mathematical skills!     

I find it very interesting that with the increased insulin I don't have the sugar cravings I almost always have.  In fact, it is kind of like getting a new eyeglass prescription.  You put your new glasses and think "gee, is this what everyone else sees like."  So I'm over here thinking, "damn is that what life is like for non-diabetics?   No sugar cravings? Interesting. 


  1. I didn’t realize insulin dosage was such an exact science. Hope the new dosage works well for you, Barbara.

  2. To your questions about others and sugar cravings. I do not take insulin. I do not have diabetes, but I crave sugar all the time. Hmmm....
    I am glad you found a way to balance this all.
    But I must say I am so damn bad at math that is probably why God didn't give me diabetes. :-) I could never do all the mathematical calculations I would need and I'd kill myself.

  3. Sure hope this routine works for you. I heard insulin is very expensive. I dread ever getting that diagnosis. I'm not that good at math. My numbers now are right on the edge.

  4. Jim is on Bydureon and Basgalar. Bydureon is once a week. Basgalar is in the same family as Lantus but cheaper. Not cheap but cheaper. I'm not diabetic but sugar cravings are my kryptonite. Jim gets them sometimes not morning. Noon and night like me.