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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

I forgot what it is like not to have a Washer and Dryer

I hit the little washateria today.  Very nicely appointed with 4 large capacity washers and dryers.  Since I already save a lot of my change for the Little Girls for when they play store, I was ready with a fistful of quarters.  I'll have to be diligent about keeping all of my quarters in the future. 

I have not been without a washer and dryer since I sold my house and started renting, except for one complex.  I have had connections in all my other abodes so I have just moved my machines with me.  There are no hookups in my apartment but I'm going to investigate and see what might be out there that could be hooked up to my kitchen sink.  Got any suggestions? 

Today I saw some ladies painting on the Boulevard.  I'm not sure what they were painting but there was a little wind blowing and they were under some big trees so I'm sure it must have been nice for them.  Then I saw a couple walking by them.  It was the middle of the day and I thought it kind of strange for two middle-aged adults to be out walking.  People watching is good for expanding your imagination.  I'm considering getting a really comfortable chair to put on my balcony. 

Buddy thought the washateria was great fun and asked what our next adventure will be.  He doesn't realize we have to go back to put the clothes in the dryer and then back again to bring them home.  Three trips up and down the stairs - exercise done for the day, I'd say.

More later ...


  1. Going to the washateria might be a way to meet some of the neighbours too.

  2. I remember when I was in college I loved going to the laundromat. Met people, had lots of fun. But when we moved into a condo in 2016 and there was no washer/dryer, we said, no ... no. We were able to slip one into the hall closet, altho' it was small and we still had to go to the public laundry to do sheets and towels. But at our age it was worth it so we didn't have to go out in the rain, the snow, the dark.

  3. I've always had to go out to a laundromat or use the apartment building's central laundry room. My current apartment is the first one I've had with in-suite laundry (washer & dryer). How sweet it is -- I just love the convenience of it. I'm spoiled now.

  4. My good friend lived in a place for 30 years where she had to load laundry into her car and drive 5 miles to the laundromat. When she moved into an apartment with laundry hook-up I told her she wouldn't know what to do with her Saturday mornings. She quickly informed me she had no intention of putting in a washer/dryer since she needed that space for storage. She went from a two bedroom to a one bedroom. To her the luxury was having a shared laundry room in the building. Well, we share the same crafting habits so I do get it -- storage is a big deal too.

  5. Can you put a stackable in your apartment? Will they allow it?
    Good exercise, but not one I'd want. I'm lazy like that.

  6. Are you maybe reconsidering that 2nd floor? Still, like you said, great exercise.