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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Library Photos

I made a run to the library today.  It is also on the Boulevard.  I don't go as often as I used to since I rent most of my audiobooks through the Library on OverDrive but I did have have some CDs I had checked out to listen to in the car.  It makes sitting in traffic so much nicer. 

The Heights Public Library opened in 1926.  

This photo doesn't do it justice.  The shrubs to the right are all 
white azaleas and it feels like they bloom year-round 
in this part of the country

This is a close up of the carving at the top 
and below the carvings on either side of the entrance.

Below is the glass room that was added on that surprisingly 
blends so well with the old architecture.  It is primarily the
magazine area and extra reading room.

This is an inside shot.  Before the Library System went to 
self-checkouts,  the librarians stood behind the desk and under the 
second story.  I'm sure that originally the second floor must have been 
full of shelves of books. I know you could also rent the Library 
for weddings and events at one time.  
I'm not sure if that is true anymore.  

This is looking into the children's section.  Beyond those shelves
are small chairs and tables and beanbag type seating that my 
Grand Girls love.  You can also see the lovely windows
that are all along the side of the building.  

You can see in this picture the size of the area designated 
for bicyclers - between the car, and the stripe beginning the 
traffic lane. You can also see from the car in the far 
right lane, which is the traffic lane, how wide 
the area marked for bicycles is.  
The bicycle path continues like this on both sides 
of the street for the entire Boulevard.  

Buddy and I have been taking many nice strolls around the apartments.  I want to take some pictures of the houses in the area - new, old and indifferent.  

More later.... 


  1. What a beautiful old library! So elegant!

    1. Debra, I was never that interested in architecture until I took a trip to D.C. All of a sudden the age and meaning of old buildings meant something to me and now they jump out at me when I pass.

  2. Replies
    1. Sue, I am truly enjoying living back in this area. When I was in high school this Library was the closest to my neighborhood Library. If I couldn't find a book I needed (of course, there were no computers then), I rode the city bus to this library to get the book.

  3. Oh how I love old buildings and especially libraries like this.
    Gorgeous Barbara. I am so envious of your weather. You have green and it looks warm.

  4. Quite a lovely library and you make me a bit sad for now with the ability to borrow from my library via Kindle, I never set foot in ours. As important as a library was to me once, I kind of hate the loss of personal touch but do love the convenience of electronic borrowing.

    1. Patti, that is why I take the Grand Girls to the Library ever time they come. Many weekends we do not even get time to read but I want them to have the experience of going to the library and picking out a real book.

  5. It sounds like you are settling in nicely!

    The library sounds like a great resource with a self check-out. Self check-outs are everywhere it appears.

  6. I still have a soft spot in my heart for libraries, an important part of my life throughout the years.

  7. I still go to libraries new and old, big and small -- they're one of my favorite places -- and yours looks like a real nice one!

  8. nice inside...beautiful building...
    have a great day