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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

On the Road Again

I'm on the move again.  I am moving and my daughter and her girlfriend are keeping the house.  Long story short, I volunteered to let them have the house. 

I am moving not far and into a 55+ apartment complex.  I wanted to stay in the area which is very costly and I did not want to be in a complex with children or in a house that might be sold causing me to have to move again. 

I have boxed everything - yet again - and have hired a moving company.  The new apartment is on the second floor and no elevator.  I think having stairs is good because it keeps my knees exercised.  I wouldn't have minded an elevator for the days I preferred a ride but the building is not set up for that. 

I'm hoping that this will be my last move for quite a while.  Have junk will travel.  LOL. 

I'll post pictures and an update after I move this weekend. 

More later.  


  1. I didn't expect to se you would be moving again - perhpas you need a camper van!! Hope this will be your permanent abode this time. Best wishes for a smooth move.

  2. You've become a regular gypsy! I hope your new home suits you well and that you will be very happy there for a long time to come! Best wishes!

  3. Oh my gosh, another move. You should be able to hire yourself out as a packing/moving consultant now. Best of luck!

  4. Oh Barbara I am so sorry you have to do this again.
    You just showed us photos of everything completed and in it's place.
    Well when I move I may contact you for tips. You are a pro by now!
    I hope the stairs stay great for you and I think all those folks your age will be a nice experience.
    Happy Trails to you!

  5. Moving is SUCH a chore. Hope this one does it for you. The lack of elevator would bother me but if you are happy with it, that is all that matters.

  6. Good luck with this move Barbara. You are an expert at moving now.

  7. Good luck with the move ... when we moved we considered making it a priority to stay on one floor (as others our age have done), but we finally got a two-story house. Like you, we're thinking the stairs will help keep us young and fit. But hold onto the railing. You don't want to trip and fall, that's for sure!