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Monday, March 25, 2019

She Lives

Well, I finally feel like there will be Life After Move.  Everything is unpacked, trashed, packed for storage or piled up for washing.  As soon as I get those chores accomplished my new life will be in full forward process.

My friend stopped by to see me today and she loved my apartment.  I knew I had made a good choice for me but you always feel better when a friend agrees.  She said the layout and decorations of the apartment looked just like me and it is her favorite of my recent moves - aside from my lovely little yard at the garage apartment.  I do feel like I am off into a great new stage of my life.  I think this is partially because I am still in the same area I realized I had missed so much.

The little girls spent the night on Saturday night and Dad picked them up early Sunday.  We had a great weekend of shopping and eating out.

Here's the Little Artist already too picky for my liking. 

And the Youngest who found just the shoes she wanted.

And let's not forget old Buddy Boy upside down in his bed under the buffet. 

And a blurry but exhausted new home owner.

Finally here is a view from my balcony.  The sunlight
coming through the trees at sunset is just gorgeous.

The Boulevard is about 20 streets long, filled with people - individuals, couples, strollers and dog walkers.  There are also bike lanes against the curbs and we have many enthusiastic bikers in this neighborhood.   

I'll share more pictures of the historic neighborhood and I'll try to capture a picture of one of the night-riding bicycle clubs.  

More later... 


  1. Best wishes in your new home! I hope you'll be very happy there! It certainly looks great from your balcony!

  2. It sounds as though this was a very positive move for you. It's important to feel at home.
    Recognize that new shoe happy dance:)).

  3. This looks lovely. It also looks warm and like spring! I am still cold down here in VA.
    How funny that Buddy likes to be under the buffet. :-)

  4. It looks like a very nice neighborhood. I think you and Buddy will enjoy living there. Great place for dog walking:)

  5. Night riding bike club sounds fun. I miss riding bikes the most by moving here. Florida was nice and flat--this area is probably only good for a Lance Armstrong want to be.

  6. Such a pretty area and view from the balcony, Barbara. Hope you have many happy years there.

  7. Sounds like you are settling in very nicely and it looks like a wonderful neighborhood. Hopefully get everything done quickly and then relax and enjoy.