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Thursday, April 4, 2019

A Little of This and That

I'm pretty much settled in and not much exciting to tell.  We had a little rain late last night.  It was so quiet inside.  Buddy doesn't like Thunder and goes into a panic if it is close but he didn't even go to the panting stage over it.  I think these walls must be pretty well insulated. 

I've only heard my neighbor's TV once and my rocker is right next to the wall between us.  He is very quiet - as we older people often are.   I still use my headphones when I watch TV because I know I have to turn it up loud even with my hearing aids on. 

Speaking of walls, I ordered myself a poster.  I have a hard time not posting comment after comment on facebook about our idiot President.  I know it is not the place and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and are not waiting with bated breath for mine.  This poster makes me feel better.  I may be old but I am still a child of the 60s. 

Speaking of old, I saw this Tennessee Ernie Ford Album at the Thrift Store last week when I was there on Seniors' Day looking for a chair for my balcony.  You know I was humming (and singing) that song for hours afterward.  Hahaha.  You load sixteen tons and what do you get .....

I try to give Buddy two long walks a day both for his sake and mine.  Some days I don't make two long trips, sometimes only once around the block but I try to keep moving even when the diabetes makes me want to sleep. 

I missed a couple of doses of my blood pressure and cholesterol medicines last week and I swear I had more energy.  I think the blood pressure medicine is the one affecting my energy.  I know the doctor lowered my dosage last time I was there but I'm curious.  Is anyone else aware of their blood pressure medicine making them tired?  

I will never understand people who answer “How are you?” with “I can’t complain.”

I should do a little research on that. 

More later ....


  1. Your Ruth Bader Ginsberg poster is AWESOME! Glad your new place is nice and quiet!

  2. Oops, think I have Tennessee Ernie in my head now. Been a while.
    Tell Buddy that Callie understands his discomfort.