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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Butterfly Gardening

I have to laugh at myself.  In my last post, I said my legs were getting less giggly when I should have said jiggly.  Hahaha.  Oh well, you knew what I meant.

I think I told you I am giving up on my bird feeders because the way my balcony, stairs, and outer fence are situated. There is no room for the birds to swoop in and out from the feeders which is the way birds prefer.  I did try moving the feeders to another part of the complex and hung them on a tree but since I would only see them in that location when I walked Buddy, I convinced my sister she needed them.  Win-Win.

In place of my beloved bird feeders, I have decided to start a butterfly garden.  While I was trying to get my head around this task and gather all the information I needed to accomplish it, I noticed one of the upper apartments had a planter on their rail like this one below. 

I stopped and discussed this planter with them (and met new neighbors) and we agreed that it was just right for our wide ledges.  Sturdy enough not to be blown off by normal big winds they said but light enough to remove from the rail without breaking your back. 

Synchronicity strikes again.  I looked on Amazon to get information and pricing on these planters and found out that I had about $150 in credit sitting on their books (don't ask me how I did this, I just took the money and ran).  And, to make it more amazing, my prime account was set to deactivate in 2 days.  The money would still have been there, I think, but the free prime shipping would not have been available. 

So I ordered four planters and a lot of other items to use up my $150.  The planters are 24" long and about $15.  One of the other items I ordered was this book which I had just gotten from the library and I had been trying to snap pictures on my phone of the info I wanted to remember. 

Container Theme Gardens
by Nancy J. Ondra and Rob Cardillo

If you are interested in any kind of container gardening, this book is great.  It is divided into many sections with 4-6 plants listed that go together well for a purpose, such as: living perfume, pond in a pot, salad on the deck and, another one I want to try, Bursting with Berries.  It is a delightful book and just bursting with ideas and suggestions.  It is not very expensive or you can do like me and try it from the library before you buy. 

There are a lot of things I will learn as I go such as will I have too little or too much sunlight.  Will the plastic pots dry out more often than I want to water.  Will the butterflies find my little heaven and will Buddy scare them off.  

Yep.  A whole new adventure.  


  1. New adventures are what make life interesting. Good luck attracting those winged beauties!

  2. Don't you just love FOUND MONEY!!! Glad you put it to good use!

  3. Hi Barbara, I love the idea of a butterfly garden!! I also love the planters you got. I was going to try container gardening this year to grow vegetables but money and health seem to be getting int the way and the heat in the South is moving in rather quick. I may still try it though. I will have to look at those planters you got. I also love the idea of that book. I had bought a book called "the Container Gardeners Bible" and while it's a beautiful book there is SO much information it's actually overwhelming. I may try and get this one you posted about from my local library first to see. Thank you for sharing both items!

  4. I hope you get a lot of butterflies! I am going to put that book in my cart. I have nothing but containers on my patio so I think this will inspire me. I need to change things up this year! Thanks!!

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