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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Glimpse of my Future Butterfly Garden

My sugar was very high this morning.  No walk for Buddy yet today.  I am once again so thankful that whoever owned Buddy before he escaped, trained him on puppy pads.  It makes days like this so much less stressful for me.  Not only is my body dragging but my mind is not working on all gears.  So I decided to share some pictures of my future butterfly container garden to put a smile on my face. 

Start with good soil.  I ordered 4 bags because I didn't have any idea how much each planter took and I figured it wouldn't go to waste.  This is part of my huge Amazon order.  Not only did I get a great price but they delivered them to my door.  Poor mailman. 

I headed to the really good Plant Nursery in the neighborhood but they are only open on Weekends right now.  I'm sure that will change soon as I could see they were stocked up but I was on a mission.  I ended up at Lowe's.  I thought I was going to walk around and get ideas.  Nope. I bought 3 each of 6 types of plants.  I threw caution to the wind and didn't follow the recommended plants exactly.  Hahaha.  This is what they look like.  Carrying them from the store to the car and then the car to the apartment was a chore.  All of the parking spaces immediately in front of my apartment were full.  So I parked on the side and made multiple trips. 

I purchased 3 Plumbago and 3 Jasmine both of which grow gloriously in my neighborhood.  And although they are great butterfly plants, the small ledge planters will not accommodate them so I have to go back to my old house and get the big planters I left there.  

I bought two colors of Dianthus and two colors of Lantana - both in small containers.  I was going to mix the plants up like in my book, but now I'm thinking of keeping sames together.  It will make sunlight and water needs easier.  

For some strange reason, all the Family has different plans this Easter weekend so I chose to be alone with my garden.  My sister is coming to see the new apartment the weekend after Easter and it would be nice if I could get my planting completed.  Luckily with sisters, if it is half finished and dirt on the floor, she will see the beauty to come.  

Hopefully, my energy will increase again.  Last night I stayed up until 5:00 in the morning.  I went to bed on time but, as sometimes happens, my energy was wound up.  I got up hundreds of times - read a little, ate a little and listened to a book on tape.  Nope.  Just no slowing it down.  

I'm going to try out a new internist next week and I'll discuss sleep problems with her.  

More later ... 


  1. I was sitting by the pool yesterday and butterflies were flitting all around the plantings surrounding the fence -- so fun to see.
    Less fun was the lizard under the recycle bin in my shed. He was in the process of shedding his skin and it was pretty darn ugly.

  2. I can't wait to see this beautiful garden. I'm sorry you aren't feeling so great today.
    I don't understand sugar and how it all works and how it goes up and down when you do all the right things. I know someone else who has a hard time managing it. I imagine this all can be a bit scary. Hope today is a great day for you. I bought a book that puts me to sleep every time I open it. I may have to send it to you. :-)

  3. The butterflies and you will soon have a banquet and a view. Hope your energy comes back soon. Lack of sleep is the problem with a lot of us. Hope you find an answer.

  4. Beautiful! I hope the garden attracts many, many butterflies!