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Friday, April 12, 2019

Long Walks with Buddy

Leave no bush untended is Buddy's motto.

Since moving, Buddy and I have been taking 1-2 long walks each day.  I aim for two a day and if one of those is only around the block, I count that as mission accomplished. 

Not fancy but really big.

There is so much beauty in the old houses and new builds of this neighborhood.  I think some of the folks might think they have a stalker when I stop and stare for a while. 

The problem is, again, my sleep habits.  I'm up all night and then sleep till noon.  I try resetting my clock but it never feels right to get up early (before noon).  This means my first walk is after I've had my coffee and read my phone (boy does that sound strange).  I would judge the start time around 2:30-3:00 since the school crossing guard is out.  I try to go down the small side for a couple of blocks and then do two long blocks on either side of where I stopped.

Well kept duplex.

As the evenings get longer my evening walk is getting later but I think it is really giving me more energy late at night when I should be slowing down. 

This old beauty has been purchased. I don't 
know if it is slated for remodeling or tear-down.

I think my legs are getting a little less giggly.  I don't expect miracles but if the results are something I can see - double reward (also helps with the diabetes). 

Grandpa and Granddaughter riding after school.
I see a lot of grandparents picking up schoolers.

Sometimes when we get back to the apartment steps Buddy just stops.  I can't tell if he doesn't want to go home or he is too tired to walk.  I take a couple of steps and if he doesn't leap past me I pick him up.  After all, he is a little guy and those legs have been going 90 to nothing for quite a while. 

These two live near us and love to run the
fence line with Buddy.

So watch out if you are out walking and you see a little salt and pepper lady with an apple belly and shapely legs walking a chihuahua - it might be me. 


  1. Some people are not morning people and there is nothing wrong with that is you have no where you need to be. So don't bother trying to change yourself. Just enjoy your walks with Buddy. Love those old houses.

    1. Thanks Sandie, that makes me feel better. I guess it is some of those 1950 rules my Mother pounded into me about keeping good hours!

  2. You walks sound lovely. The neighbourhood is pretty and interesting too. Isn’t it amazing how quickly we get to know the workings of our areas.

    1. Like the wonderful places you photograph it is so nice to walk in places that seem beautiful to you and replenish your soul.

  3. I bet you and Buddy are getting to be well known in the neighbourhood!

  4. We have an upside down sleep wake cycle here, too. My husband worked for 40 years night shift, so we got in a habit of it and now that we are retired we still have that same schedule, and have difficulty getting off of it. Before retiring, I had a part time job. For those three days a week I worked I got by on naps and sleeping after work for a little while. He and I are good with our upside down schedule, except when we have any pesky doctor or other appointments in the hours that we usually sleep. Usually we both look like zombies for any doctor's appointments because it is next to impossible to get appointments that are friendly to our sleep/wake schedule.

  5. Exactly and I need to make a bunch of doctor appointments. I need a 5:00 appointment slot. Hahaha.

  6. Buddy is a cutie, and has a certain resemblance to my dog Bounce, although Bounce is tan. We go on two walks a day too which is a great routine, especially since I retired.