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Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Book Club movie

I've started a new post about three times lately and never got any of them finished.  So here goes another try.

I watched the Book Club movie last night.  It was one of those movies that I hesitated to watch fearing that it would not live up to the popularity of its many stars. 

First, because I'm 69 and single I enjoyed the reluctance Candice Bergen and Diane Keaton had over dating.  I recently met a man online who sounds like a good match for me, even if just a friend.  There is a tennis match going on in my head.  Am I crazy/It might be fun?  I tend to let things just die away like an unwatered plant.  So, I liked that it was a romantic comedy about women over 65, but can't imagine that appealed to a large portion of the movie-going public.

Of course, I cannot help but dissect the look of our favorite stars.  Jane Fonda is 81.  I'm sorry but you are not supposed to look like that at 81.  I look in the mirror and wish I looked like my 35-year-old self, so I'd like to look 34 years younger.  Hahahaha.  Jane looks almost better than her 50-year-old self except that she always looked great.  EXCEPT, it looks like a strong wind would break her in half.  I've noticed in her last couple of movies her character did not eat.  I'm thinking that might be true of her personally.

Diane Keaton is 73 to Andy Garcia's 62. He is the baby of the men in this movie.  I thought he was aging well but then in my book 62 is not all that old.  What I did notice about Diane is that she is finally (?) getting jowls.  Every once in a while her hair would hang away from her head and you could see the weakened jawline.  I've heard that jowls have something to do with smile muscles falling.  I think that is probably just an old wives' tale but I enjoy believing it.  I use to have a big smile and it disappeared about the same time my jawline started sagging so I believe my smile, like my bosom, is dropping.  Now Diane's characters always wore unusual clothes.  Her smile and her clothes are what we remember about her.  So even though she continues with her high necklines, her waist seemed unusually wide.  I don't mean it in a gained weight way, it's just that her belts looked weird.

Candice Bergen is 72.  Her character was a Judge and took to online dating.  I thought Candice looked the best for her age and by that, I mean that she was an attractive 72-year-old woman.  She may have had some surgery but she doesn't look like she has tried to halt the years like Jane.  Her clothes were attractive and age-appropriate, aka not the style of Diane Keaton.  Her figure was a little square and a little thick which is the norm for most of us that age.  So she gets my star for the most attractive, age-appropriate of the women.  Richard Dreyfus who is 71 played one of Candice's online dates.  Ed Begley, Jr. who is 69 played Candice's ex-husband. 

Mary Steenbergen was the baby of the women at 66.  Her character's main complaint, as the only married woman, was not enough sex.  Since I haven't been married in 100 years I can't comment on her plight.  My main complaint was that her hair was too dark.  I think it was the same shade it has always been and as they say, you have to go a shade lighter as you age.  Craig T. Nelson, her husband in the show, is 75.  Like all of the men in the show, his character had only a small part. 

Don Johnson, Jane Fonda's love interest, is 69.  I have always liked his looks.  He has that Marlboro Man look - if you are old enough to remember print ads for cigarettes.  And yes, my ex-husband has that same kind of look.  Hahahaha.  Somethings never change I guess. 

As for all of the men, they all needed to have their eyebrows darkened.  Maybe it is just me because I am getting so many white hairs in my brows (what's that all about), that I am conscious of eyebrows being too pale. 

So that's my opinion of the Book Club movie and its characters.  I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.  I didn't read the book but I think the laughs and situations were spread a little thin in the movie because of the number of main characters.  I'm going to read the book next to see how it compares. 


  1. I’d like to see the movie now that I’ve read your review, Barbara.

    1. I really enjoyed the fact that women my age were seen as out-going, intelligent and attractive women.

  2. May have to check that one out since we're going to be trapped in our trailer during the AZ summer. Thanks for the review.

  3. There are two reasons to watch this movie: (1) everyone is "of an age" and (2) you are locked in the house anyway and need something to talk about.

  4. News update everyone. This was written as a screen play and there is no book. Too bad. I often like to do a book vs. movie comparison.

  5. My Rare One absolutely LOVED this movie. I thought it was okay. Just okay. I like all the actresses and actors but it was a pretty fairy-tale view of aging in America. But then again, that's why we go to movies, isn't it -- for the escapism of it all?

  6. I remember that this movie was coming out last year (I think. Time flies) just after our winter book club disbanded because people were gong back north. I forgot about it until just now reading your post -- the day after our last meeting for this year and some members are starting home again today. Thought it would be a fun thing to devote one of our get togethers to watching so now it will have to wait til next year (and we'll see if I remember it then).