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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Walkers, Boomboxes and Cell Phone Talkers

I woke up at my usual late hour and enjoyed a great cup of coffee.  I gave my sister a quick call to see if they wanted to come over but they were on a road trip around the nearby countryside.  The weather has been beautiful down here, but she reported very few Blue Bonnets to be seen.  I wonder if that is because we have had so little rain?  I hope this is not an indication of a long, dry summer.

Anywho....  After the phone call with my sister, Buddy and I went out for a nice long walk.  A lot of other people had the same idea.  So, of course, Buddy had to make a fool of himself and me with all the barking until he got tired and then we just strolled along. 

I usually take my cell or camera with me and snap a few flowers along the way.  I had a song in my head a friend had mentioned (darn her, I couldn't get it out of my head) so I looked on my phone's playlist and decided Donna Summer would be a good second choice.  So with the phone in my pocket and a barking dog on my leash, I strolled through the neighborhood enjoying a mishmash of old Rock N Roll, Disco and Classic Country.  Hahaha.  A few people who were working in their yards looked up at the sound of my music so I waved and kept strutting, only slightly embarrassed for playing my ancient music.  Several other walkers gave me a smile.  I'm sure they were asking themselves if I knew the Disco Era was over.  Ha.

Then I got really tickled thinking about when teenagers used to go around with those big Boomboxes on their shoulder and aggravated everybody with their loud music.  I rode the bus some while I worked downtown and I remember those kids listening to their music and ignoring the emblem of a Boombox in a circle with an X over it plastered all over the walls of the bus. 

Then I got to thinking about later on when I rode the Park N Ride to work downtown.  A fancier and more expensive bus ride that went straight from one location where you parked to a major downtown street and dropped people off along that street.  Cell phones had become commonplace by then and many people would get on, get seated and immediately get on their phone.  It was ridiculous all the conversations - some of which should never be heard by others - floating and mixing together.  These days the bus ride has been replaced by shopping.  Forget trying to get down the grocery store aisle unless you are there with the "on the way home from work" shoppers who are moving fast. 

Anyway, enjoyable walk and fun trip down memory lane.


  1. Everyone loves the music of their youth!

  2. Well at least your boombox is lighter to carry and not nearly as annoying. Always amazed at the conversations I hear in the darndest places.

  3. Love that same music. Great memories. Your walk sounds great too.

  4. My playlist is pretty old too. It helps when I have those times when I really need some extra motivation to go out and take my walk. I don't have a dog to keep me trained.

  5. Except for the disco I would be happy with your music. Sounded to me like a very nice morning.