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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Look at the Neighborhood

Here is an interesting transformation I've been watching. 

This cute little yellow cottage has been completely gutted on the inside.

In this close up you can see all the way through the house 
to the addition in the back.

This is the same addition from the side street.  I have seen many 
of the cottages in the area that have undergone a similar
renovation.  I don't quite understand the need for so 
much space but the kids tell me I am out of step with 
the times. 

Lastly here is a ladybug some child has painted and placed
on their mailbox.  I am trying to think of some way to let
that child know someone has seen the ladybug.  Any ideas?


  1. An expensive remodel for sure. Such a lovely little cottage as it was.

    You could leave a note in the mailbox?

  2. They build these McMansions around here too. I am not a fan. But I am also that age where I am now looking to downsize and trying to determine how much space do I really need? It's two people and for another few years a dog. Do I need all the extra bedrooms I have? No. (less company!:-) I saw one nearby and I knew the folks moving into it 6 yr ago. It is over 4,000 sq ft. There were 5 people living in the home. Saw her recently and they are selling because it's too big and they found that they were never together as a family. Interesting isn't it?

  3. that was going to be my suggestion leave a little note. Gill in Canada your newest follower