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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Cataract Update

Yesterday I went to the Endocrinologist who was very glad I came in to discuss how to handle my insulin and the surgery since the colonoscopy sent me into a serious drop.  She continues to be very concerned about my numbers.  I had a think about alcoholics or heart patients or other medical problems people get and they refuse to take care of it.  How often we hear that they'd rather die than get a grip.  I don't want to die slowly and maybe painfully if it can be helped.  The doctor thinks I'm doing something wrong like not counting carbs right, taking meals to close together or I can't remember what else.  Bottom line it is up to me.  So I ordered several Diabetic Cookbooks from the library in hopes of finding a dozen easy to cook, low carb meals that I actually like. 

Then today I went back to the eye doctor for a follow-up and she said cat scan but I don't know which test that was.  She said my eyes were in incredibly good shape considering how bad my diabetes is.  I talked to her a long time about my fears both over the surgery in general and the surgery as far as problems a diabetic might have.  She made me feel better and told me that I would get some kind of drugs before the surgery!!  Yes. 

Since I can only afford the manual surgery (the lasik was $2000 per eye after medicare), we will go with that.  Since my darling son is paying for my AARP supplement, she believes my bill will be paid in full except for a compound medicine they use for antibiotic eye drops which be $230 for the two eyes.  If I sail through the left eye, I'm going to do the right as soon as possible. 

So on June 7, I go for the pre-op which is where they measure my lens for the replacement.  Today is May 8 so June 7 being the first available appointment tells you how busy they must be.  At that appointment, they will schedule my surgery.  I will see the diabetic surgeon and he only does surgery on Tuesdays so I hope I won't have to wait too long. 

My stress was so high this morning I had diarrhea (TMI I know), but I felt better after talking with the doctor.  Some doctors just have that ability and some you just click with.  I feel lucky to have chosen her. 

Well, that's it for the eyes.  The Rockets play tonight.  I hope it is on one of the main channels because I have had to watch some of it on the laptop to get TNT through Hulu (long story).  My legs were jumping around so much during the last game I'm surprised I didn't have leg cramps that night.  Hahaha. 

And..... I did find a solid red shirt in my closet ... watch out... Team Spirit at work here.


  1. It sure helps when you like and trust your doctor, doesn't it!

  2. Glad you found a doctor you could talk to, Barbara.

    Enjoy the game. You’re ready for sure.

  3. well this is good news Barbara. I don't understand this diabetes thing. When I had my vacation home our neighbor had the same struggles as you. I would watch her eat what I thought was correctly and her numbers were all over the place. She was so tired one day she told me phooey on it all. I told her she couldn't do that. I made her some low carb meals and brought them over. I also gave her the list of ingredients I used so she could be sure she could eat them. I spoke to her 2 weeks ago and she was still having such problems. I'm so sorry you have to deal with it all. Why can't we all just be healthy and only die from old age? Wouldn't that be nice?

  4. You will really love having that cataract gone I think. There are lots of eye drops before and after surgery (I had to make a chart to keep it straight) and then the wonder of seeing so clearly.