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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Eye Exam and Possible Cataract Surgery

Well my little trick to fool myself worked pretty well.  The week before last I went to the new doctor I told you about then to the foot doctor.  I first went to a podiatrist about two years ago.  I had a little something on the bottom of my foot and, as a diabetic, I didn't waste any time getting it checked out.  He had a good bedside manner and when I went to go back a year later he had retired so I had to find a new doctor.

I don't know about you but I am all about finding a doctor close to my house.  So the next doctor I found was a foot surgeon.  I went to her as meet and greet type of appointment.  I explained my diabetic history and since my brother-in-law had just lost part of his big toe due to diabetes, I wanted to be extra careful.

My feet have a tendency to really build up calluses.  I often got manicures when I was a working person but did not really care for pedicures because they tried to rub the callus down to the bone.  The foot doctor told me that diabetics can get ulcers under the callus that you never see.  How can she see it then?  I didn't think to ask her but she told me not to get pedicures to removed the callus and to come back every 3 months.  Of course, I would not have done this in an earlier stage of my life, but I'm kind of in a proactive stage of my life right now.

But I digress.  I purposefully scheduled two appointments that week to try and numb my anxiety of doctors a little.  So this past week I went to the eye surgeon, another yearly requirement for my stage of diabetes.  The cataract in my left eye is really blinding me.  I kept telling myself that it was just an exam and I didn't have to agree to the surgery if I didn't want to.

I nearly canceled the appointment several times that day and could hardly sleep the night before.  I did manage to get there and the Surgical Eye Center was like a well-oiled machine.  My prescription hadn't changed much so nothing there but my cataract had continued to grow.

My sugar levels have been particularly bad since the move and I managed to gain weight.  I find all this strange as the amount of walking Buddy and I have been doing and the amount of energy required to pack and unpack should have brought my numbers down.  Somewhere along the line I have been fooling myself about my food intake, I guess.

Anyway, my eyes are in good shape as far as the diabetes goes but the eye doctor wants to do a cat scan of my eyes before she schedules surgery.  So while that happens next Wednesday, I have scheduled an appointment with the endocrinologist the day before the cat scan to make sure she thinks I can undergo this surgery from a diabetic standpoint and to see how I handle my insulin while doing it.  Remember that the preparation for the colonoscopy played such havoc with my sugar that I almost fainted trying to get a shower the morning of.

So next week coming up I have two doctor appointments back to back.  I am hoping that it will continue to numb me so I am brave enough for the surgery.  I am planning forward as if it will.

On to more important subjects...  Buddy has finally recovered from his dew claw episode.  I was really worried over the little limping midget of a dog.  Yesterday I took him on a short walk outside and he did fine.  He has been housebound for about five days and boy was he glad to use his nose again.

Didn't mean to go into another long post about my medical woes but, there you go, that was what was on my mind.


  1. It is good you are being pro-active about your health issues, Barbara. Glad you little Buddy is mended too.

  2. Good tip about ulcers under calluses, I didn't know that! Glad that Buddy is back in top form. And I'm sure you will be too soon enough!

  3. Jim's eye doctors took extra special care with his cataract surgery because of him being diabetic. I'm sure your eye care center is on top of things also. He is so glad he had it done. At our age we have to accept the fact that doctors are a part of our lives and rejoice that we had them and their expertise. The stress of moving can really mess up your whole body. So just be patient with yourself and things will calm down and straighten out. I can just picture how excited Buddy must have been to be outside. Hang in there girl.

  4. Good for you being proactive when it comes to your health Barbara. I'm glad to hear Buddy has recovered:)

  5. You sound like you are going through a similar time in life as I am. Just a little about 3 weeks ago I had to have a screening colonoscopy. That prep solution had very bad effects on me. I had it years ago before I had diabetes, or atrial fibrillation and the prep solution did what it was supposed to, no big deal. This time it was a 4 litre total; 3 litres the night before and 1 litre the morning of. That stuff really made me feel bad. By the time I was doing the morning dose, I was extremely weak, shaking, very lightheaded, and very nauseated. My blood sugar was 145 and pretty much stayed that way, so that wasn't the problem, my blood pressure was within normal range, but I was feeling terrible. I still felt bad the evening after the procedure and all of the next day ,until midnight. Then for about two more weeks I had pretty bad muscle aches in my large muscles, legs, upper arms, lower back, shoulders. I don't know what caused all of the bad side effects on me, but I didn't start feeling better until just 3 days ago. Luckily no bad findings during the procedure..

    I also had an eye doctor appointment and was told my cataract is now large enough to be taken out, the problem is, I have knee replacement scheduled in early July and my primary doctor thinks I should wait until after the knee surgery to get the eye done.

    All of this stuff becomes pretty tiresome after a while, doesn't it.

    I'm so glad that your sweet little Buddy guy is doing well and can enjoy his outdoor walks again.

    I hope everything goes perfectly on your cataract surgery.

    Take care.

  6. All I know is that B had cataract surgery in both eyes this past winter. Was a bit of an ordeal, with all the drops and everything, but it was well worth it. No pain to speak of ... and she can see now!

  7. Good luck with all of it. Breathe in and breathe out and visualize the best outcome.

  8. I wonder if one or more of your meds might be raising your blood sugar? Some can do that. The older I get, the more high maintenance I become! Taking care of my health is like a full time job! 😜

  9. Boy this diabetic stuff is not for sissies. I am glad you're being proactive. I'm also glad that Buddy is doing better. it's his turn to take care of you.😉