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Monday, May 20, 2019

Good Rx and Drug Price Research

At Peg's urging I did check with Good Rx to see if I could find any deals on my insulin.  I had done this many years ago, but like auto insurance, it pays to check each year. 

Long story short.  I take two insulins every day.  Toujeo is a long-acting insulin taken once a day.  Novolin-R is a short-acting insulin taken before each meal.  The dosage of Toujeo stays the same each day.  The Novolin-R has a base dosage but is bumped up by a formula depending on my blood glucose readings before each meal.  The Toujeo is a slow release insulin meant to keep my sugar balanced all day.  The Novolin-R is meant to address any high readings of blood sugar and cover the set number of carbs allowed for each meal. 

I did check Good Rx and as I remembered they have a caveat:
  • I am not currently eligible for prescription coverage from any state or federally funded programs, including but not limited to Medicare, Medicaid, VA, DoD, or Tricare
There you have it.  And why?  Why should the US Government not get the best price?  I have to wonder if it is because the 1% and the Stock Market depend upon the stock in US Drug Companies to make lots of money.  Why else would the same drug be cheaper in other countries?  Debra mentioned, and I have read multiple articles about, US Citizens going to Canada to buy their insulin.  I haven't priced airline tickets lately but I'm wondering what the comparison of an airline ticket vs. the donut hole price of my insulin would be.

Sanofil, the maker of Toujeo, does have a discount card for uninsured, again excluding Medicare. Good Rx has a coupon for $308.17 for the uninsured Toujeo user.  Why then is the US Government through Medicare paying $1,500?  It is the damnest thing. 

I must just face the problem that the drug will cost more and adjust my meager budget.  It is a shame to go into the increased electricity bills for the Hot Houston weather and the increased Insulin bills at the same time but there is no choice.   I will survive. 


  1. Can you buy it in Canada? I'll pick you up and we'll head for the border :-) Thelma and Louise style, only not dying over a cliff at the end. LOL

  2. My friends ordered their medicine from Canada. Their doctor faxed the prescription up there and saved them a ton of money. Do you want me to find out about it?

  3. The pharmaceutical companies are ruthless and unchecked by regulations by the look of it.

  4. I was a bit horrified when I found my decision not to get Part D when I was 65 was stupid. I was totally healthy then. Now with heart and COPD I need lots of prescriptions. Yet as you just mentioned, since I have no prescription insurance, I do qualify for the free or helpful plans. Not fair to those of you who have been paying all along. So sorry. Might be time for a trip to Canada for you.