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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Medicare Supplement Information

I just read on my phone that the Medicare Supplement Plan F will not be available to new Medicare enrollees after 2020.  Plan F is the super duper coverag3e that pays off all your medical bills (not prescriptions though).  It is around $200 month now (prices are set at a state level so you may be able to get a better deal). 

I bought the AARP/UnitedHealthcare plan.  If you remember I had trouble finding a supplemental insurance company that would take me with diabetes.  Because my diabetes is so bad and can lead to all kinds of ailment, I bought the super duper policy.  My rationale was that one hospital stay would pay for several years of the coverage. 

I'm just throwing this information out there for anyone that may be interested or know someone that might be interested. 


  1. Sorry to hear that plan will be discontinued. Bummer!

  2. So we can get it until dec 2020. So Rick will have time to get it then. I imagine he will then be grandfathered in? I will be screwed. Getting old is so awful on so many damn levels.

  3. Just to let you know I followed your direction with Canada drugs and since mine don't need refrigeration, I can get $400 Symbicort for $78 from Canada. It takes a long time but it is worth it. Thanks for the help.

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