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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Some Happenings Around the Apartment

First more strange things about apartment life.  Last month we got a notice about what we could and could not have on our porches/balconies.  Now part of the reason I moved here is that everyone was growing plants and the apartment manager that was showing me around said they encouraged this.  I thought it made sense.  Residents are paying the cost of plants and because we have water hoses we can use, they also see that their plants and those of the apartment are watered.  We have a company that comes in and trims the bushes and cuts the grass.  So it seemed like a workable arrangement to me.

I talked to some of the other residents and found out that the girl who showed me the apartment complex was a temp for the manager.  Apparently, the real Manager has talked to others about how much they could have in their areas as well.

Next we got a notice that there would be a mandatory inspection of all the apartments starting in July and that they would replace fire alarm batteries and a/c filters.  I thought that was really strange but then some of the folks living here are really feeble.  Not a lot but a few. 

Then last week and this week the started reroofing one of the buildings.  Again, something that might have needed doing.  I don't live over there so haven't heard anyone say.

Then today we get a notice that they will be painting and power washing and everything should be moved off the porches/patios starting tomorrow.  So I'm thinking... yes, upkeep is important and I have seen some places that need to be painted around the complex.  It is generally well kept up but not what high price extravaganzas the kids want today.  I chose it because of the square footage of the apartment which was large for a one bedroom.

So today I have been moving all of my plants and porch "junk" into my living room.  I saw a bucket of paint for the metal rails near my stairs so it looks like they will be starting over here first.  That will be good for me.  The sooner they start the sooner they finish.

Now you remember, I bought pretty planters for the balcony rail.  The plants have all grown very nicely as well as the plumbago and jasmine I planted in big pots on the stairs.  I can't bring the big pots in because I am afraid they will stain my new carpeting (since they have always been outside plants and I did not give them a good scrub when I moved here).

I'm afraid I'm going to lose quite a few plants while they are in the house.  The ferns can take filtered light but I'm not sure about the baskets.  That also means I will have to open the blinds during the heat of the day.  I think my windows might be tempered for noise, I'm not sure about heat, as I hear very little from outside but then again, you might say I hear very little anyway.

I've never really had experience with apartments doing all of this.  It feels to me like they are sprucing up to sell the complex.  I'm not sure if I like that.  I'm not sure why it would matter to me unless they want to raise the rent.  It just leaves me feeling uneasy and I need to get downstairs to talk to some of the folks to see whether this has happened before.

Also on the agenda this week:  I got my physical for the cataract surgery.  I broke out with a fever blister over the weekend and she told me they may not do the surgery if it doesn't heal before then.  Luckily, I've got all week.  The surgery is a week away. 

The little girls were supposed to come today but I had to cancel.  I am so tired again.  I get this brain freeze when I get like this and can barely find my words to talk.  That is how I was at the doctor's office.  I could barely answer her questions.  Dang.  Getting old and getting diabetes is a drag.

I guess that's about all I have to share.  Nothing exciting but nothing wrong.  Just curious and curiouser about the apartment happenings.

More later ....


  1. Let us know what you find out about the cleaning and sprucing up. I dont do plants of any kind so no words of advice. Hope you can have your surgery next week. Get it over with.

  2. Hi Barbara, Here's some ideas you may want to try with moving the big pots into your apartment. If you have a Dollar Tree store near you, they sell 3 plastic pot saucers that fit under big or medium sized pots for $1.00. Otherwise, you could buy a small package of disposable plastic plates to put under the pots. If you don't want to buy plastic, you could always stop by a thrift store to purchase a few plates to place under your big pots. I hope you feel better soon and good luck with your cataract surgery.

  3. I'm sorry apartment living is stressing you out, Barbara. Hopefully it will all work out. Feel better soon!

  4. Hopefully all this sprucing up is just regular maintenance!

  5. It sounds stressful to have a lot going on to your living space. Hope you are able to have your cataract surgery.

  6. Hmmm, that was my thought as well, that they might be planning on selling the complex. I hope whatever they do doesn't disrupt your life too much. Do you know anyone who can plant-sit for you until the work on the building is finished?

  7. Maybe you can hold off moving the plants till they are actually on your porch. It would be a bit unsettling all the work they are doing. Is your agreement with them binding if they do sell? Have you told your doctor about your fatigue? Possibly a medication adjustment would help.

  8. Learning the ways of a new place takes time. I am sending good thoughts your way for the surgery, Barbara.

  9. They are sure going wild with sprucing up and maintaining the apartments where you live. I hope it all works out smoothly for you and that you get the go ahead to have the surgery.