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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Too Hot to Trot Down Here

I've been playing catch-up tonight, reading about half the posts I have missed since my daughter borrowed her computer back from me.  I just can't read or write on my phone. 

Speaking of.  I got my lens measured last week and cataract scheduled for June 25 and July 9 in addition to several follow up appointments.  I'm quite excited and have been working very hard (most of the time) to keep my numbers in line,

The weather has been so hot that walking Buddy has been difficult.  Even in the 7-7:30 range I just am not feeling our lovely long walks.  The little goof ball was been openly complaining as he sits near the door and barks at me.  I guess it's a good thing if he has taught himself to go outside when he has a call of nature.  However, I'm not sure when we are still in the house if he is trying to trick me or not.

Things are fine here.  Son has planned a family vacation at the end of June.  I'll have to see how my eyes are.  I'm not sure that sitting around the pool with the grand girls is the best idea between the two surgeries. 

I saw the neighbor kid that painted the ladybug rock.  I was surprised to see it was a little boy.  (Very sexist of me). He was sitting in his yard playing a card game I didn't recognize while someone sat on the porch with what looked to be twins.  I think there is another family about two doors down that has twins also.  I'm not sure what is in the water around here. 

Son got moved into his new house and he is so ecstatic.  It is not only his first house purchase but also a small castle.  I didn't warm him about paying a house note in the lean years.  He asked my opinion but in a way that let me know he wanted my approval.  Of course, I approved with a don't forget to think about ... addendum. 

Daughter and her girlfriend/partner are going through the process of applying to be foster care parents.  Naturally, I gave them the same approval with a reminder to think about certain things. 

Well, I that is part of what has been going on.  I'm just trying to save up all my mental energy for the cataract surgery so I will be calm and relaxed.  Hope I'm able to get a little pool time in before the end of summer.  I forget how long they said not to get my surgery eye wet. 

More later ....


  1. Glad to hear things are rolling along smoothly!

  2. When they do the cataract surgery doesn't it give you 20/20 vision or is that an add on?
    All my friends who have had this surgery now have 20/20 and don't wear glasses at all.
    Nice perk if true.

  3. I will be interested in how your cataract surgery goes. I have a cataract in each eye too.

    How wonderful for your daughter and her partner to become foster parents. Best wishes to them for their kindness to children!

  4. I loved the outcome of my cataract surgery and hope you do too! I have 20-20 vision but since I still have astigmatism have to occasionally wear glasses but most of the time not. I don't remember any rules against getting the eye wet afterwards but the various eye drop schedules did continue for some time. How great that your children are having exciting milestones in their lives.

  5. Wow, new home for son, possibly new child for daughter and great vision for you. What a lot to look forward to. Don't let the heat get you. We had a couple of days that even Callie didn't want out. Humid and hot. Now we are having delightful, dry and sunny cool days. Hope you get some of the same.

  6. Good luck with the cataract surgery. Optometrist told me I'm likely to have the same surgery by age 80, not that far away. I'm encouraged by all the positive comments about it. Let us know if you get 20/20.

  7. I hope all goes well with your cataract surgery. It seems everyone I know thinks it was a brilliant move to get it done so I kind of envy you. I was thinking I would have to have cataract surgery this summer, but my eye doctor said "see you in November." That would not be a convenient time.

  8. Several friends have had cataract surgery recently and all have been happy with the results. Praying yours will be a complete success. Hugs.