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Tuesday, July 2, 2019


I guess you've heard of the potential Hurricane Barbara in the Pacific Ocean.  I made the mistake of saying it was too early for hurricane season and jinxed it.  I didn't buy renter's insurance for this new apartment since I am on the second floor.  There is always the chance of wind damage to the roof and windows or falling trees from the boulevard across the street but I am going to take a chance this year. 

I remember when my kids were in grammar school and we had a hurricane, I'm not sure which one, and we pulled the mattresses into the hall to sleep.  The kids, especially the young son, thought that was the greatest fun. 

I remember in one house that had many doorways into the hall, I decided to empty the hall closet so I could sit on the floor and ride it out if I needed to.  Sounds funny to hear but I actually had a boss whose mother did that and her house was destroyed by trees and flooding but she came out safe. 

There was also the time after I sold my house and moved into my first apartment, that a huge tree fell and blocked my front door.  Luckily the apartment had another door and I was able to climb over the tree to get out. 

The absolutely worse was the time there was no damage to the apartment or complex but the utilities were out for 3 weeks.  That was A.W.F.U.L.  I don't know why it is you really want to be at home after tragedies like that.  Like suffering in the sweltering heat would really help anything!

Potential Hurricane Barbara is on the other coast from us and we don't generally have any problems unless heavy rain goes across the country.  Now Florida, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, that's when I start paying attention to the weather. 

This is all on my mind because my younger sister texted me and teased me about a storm being named for me. 

I've got my next surgery on July 9 and I don't want anything interfering with my schedule.  My left eye is just great.  No dryness and no blurriness except trying to read somethings.  I'll have to have glasses anyway so if my reading prescription does need to be adjusted, it shouldn't be a problem.  I am so pleased with the outcome.


  1. No hurricanes here in AZ but we have monsoons. Haven't had one yet but "they" are saying the last half of July and August is when they should hit. Jim got reading glasses also. He can read some things without them but still needs them sometimes.

  2. I gotta tell ya, it may be 30 below in winter here but I'll take that over a hurricane any day. They sound so scary! I hope Hurrican Barbara passes you by!

  3. It's encouraging to hear about good cataract surgery results. That's looming in my future.

  4. So happy your eye surgery went so well. I too have been through a bunch of them when in Florida. I use to think of them as just a great excuse for a fun party then I became a property owner and that really changes your view point. Agree often the worst part is the days of no power and since I had a well, no water.
    I use to want a hurricane to carry my name but after some of the dreadful ones we have had lately, I really don't want my name attached to one of those. Hope Barbara shakes up the fishes only.

  5. You have had some interesting weather experiences, Barbara. I hope they are never worse than you’ve already experienced.

    It’s good to hear you eye is doing well. r have cataracts developing in both eyes now.

  6. So glad you are enjoying good results of the surgery!

    A few days after my mother died, we were having to deal with a tropical storm that carried her name. She loved to tease and pester, and as we were trying to get out of state to attend the burial (also hampered by the fact that she died right before a holiday weekend, and they couldn't get 'her' on a flight), it was like, "Enough, Mom, knock it off!" LOL