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Monday, July 8, 2019

Right Eye Surgery and Sleep Schedule

Hello again.  I've been hibernating from the summer heat.  It is so hot but my new sleep routine has given me a little help in that area.  I am now getting up between 2 and 4 a.m.  While I was recovering from the Valium they gave me before the left cataract eye surgery, I seemed to have slept a lot and reset my inner alarm.  The good part about the new schedule is that I can get up, make my coffee, open the blinds and drink my coffee as the sun comes up.  I am enjoying the sunrise through the boulevard trees as much as I did the sunsets.  About 6:15 a.m. Buddy and I go for his morning ablutions and even though it is still hot and sticky, the concrete hasn't heated up yet, the cars are not pushing out their hot air and the grass is still wet with due.  Buddy was hilarious in the wet grass.  Because he is so low to the ground he was trying to high step it but his belly was still getting wet.  Now he is used to it and just tromps through it.

This time change has also affected my insulin schedule but it seems to be fine.  I find I am starving in the morning and eat a lot while most of my life I have never been hungry until lunchtime.  I'm just going with the flow and eating cooler summer meals which are lighter in carbs so I have to watch that. 

I didn't get to see the fireworks 4th of July.  I picked out a spot I thought I would be able to view the big extravaganza Houston has, but I was asleep long before they started.  Buddy woke me up twice barking in the night and I'm sure it was the fireworks but I never heard them and slept right through. Too bad.  I like to look at the fireworks.  I also usually watch the Pops play on PBS while talking to my girlfriend on the phone.  That is great fun because while chatting we will each jump and yell Wow at the same time.  Hahaha.  Doesn't take much to entertain me. 

Tomorrow is my right cataract surgery.  I'm so confident that I am going to take Uber to the doctor's office and my daughter will pick me up.  I'm so excited to get this eye done.  I can see sooooo much better with my left eye.  It's hard to explain the difference but for me, the light I see with my left eye is not only sharper but the item I am looking at is in a bright white background.  When I look at the same item with my right eye the item is blurrier but it is also in a yellowish background.  I guess that just shows how bad my cataracts were. 

The apartment management starts a new project of inspecting apartments tomorrow.  I find this intrusive but I think that because there are many older folks who have lived in the same apartment for many years and don't complain as much as young people might that it is a good idea to make sure things are in good shape.  I'm just not sure.  It bugs me but why should I care? 

I haven't gotten to see much of my Grand Girls this summer and I had a lot of plans that I had to put on hold.  I'll be ready to swing into action in the near future. 

More later .....


  1. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow, Barbara. Hope this surgery goes as well as the last!

  2. It'll be so good to be able to see put of both eyes. We also try to get the mutts out in the early morning. But they are old so they still have to go many times. Try to find a shaded spot for them. Check in again as soon as you feel up to it.

  3. Ha! Getting up at 2 or 4 in the morning doesn't sound so restful to me, but if it works for you, that's great. Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

  4. Hope you are all ready out and home that the surgery was as great a success as the last one. Can't wait to hear how bright your world has become. Heal and enjoy.
    Yes, sunrises can be as spectacular as sunsets. Anymore, I am not waiting up for the sun to go down. Usually in bed reading by then.

  5. I hope your eye surgery is a grand success. I would not want where I live to have a mandatory inspection. Hello Big Brother, NO! Stay cool my friend.