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Friday, July 19, 2019

This and That

Update on my eyes.  Had my last check-up on my right eye and everything progressing just fine.  A funny thing happened when I had the eye chart test.  I could read great with my left eye, pretty good with my newly completed right eye and not so perfect with both eyes together.  It is hard to explain.  It was not double letters or blurry letters but the two eyes were just not in sink.  Might be it takes a while longer.  I have an appointment in 5 weeks and she will give me a prescription to make things "sharper" she said.  I am not going to worry and will get new lenses for the old frames because I still like them.  In the meantime, I can watch TV and drive with no problem so we'll just see what the next step brings.

I am still dying from the heat down here.  I hear it is bad up there too.  We didn't get any rain from the Hurricane/Tropical Storm and we sure could have used it.  My sister in Dallas has heard talk of rationing because their rainfall has been so low. 

My sleep schedule changed again after the second surgery.  I am getting up around 8-9 a.m. now.  That is a decent schedule but by then it is already so hot.  Quite a difference between a 6 am and 10 am walk.  Poor Buddy but by the length of his tongue hanging out, he doesn't mind a short walk. 

I bought myself some cheaters because I can't read my cell phone now.  I have worn glasses since I gave up on contacts when I was 30 or 40.  It is not that I mind putting the readers on to view the screen but I hate the on/off process.  That is a drag.  I really feel sorry for people who have to use readers.  Walgreens had Foster Grants on sale two for the price of one so I've got one pair in my purse and one pair by my chair.  I am not taking bets on how long before I lose the first pair.  Hahaha. 

I'm feeling great and a little bored.  So no good stories to tell.  I'll try to find a little mischief before next time. 


  1. I’vevseen the temperatures you’ve had. Important to stay hydrated and cool. Glad your eye is healing nicely.

  2. It does take a few weeks before the eyes work right. Jim used readers for several weeks. If I dont get up and get my walk in by no later than 6 am, it is too hot for me outside. Pups only go out to pee or poop and only in the shade. The days get long when you start at 5 and then have to spend it inside.

  3. Hope the sharpening she is promising gives you the view you are seeking. Still that you can do everything you need to do must feel good. Know what you mean by the heat. I feel like I am on house arrest and am house bound after 10. I do all my yard work in the early hours. Not bad, just shortens my work day.

  4. That's why I am not attached to my cellphone ... I have to get out my readers to see the damn thing. So thank you for feeling sorry for me ... not too many people do!

  5. We are having a VT heat wave but I have not even dragged out the window AC, hoping to ride it out.